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How Numerology Helps in Choosing the Right Career?

Numerology helps you choosing the right career for you. Calculate your destiny number and find the best career options for you, shared for people with destiny number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Career determines the type of lifestyle one will lead and his/her status in society. Traditionally, parents, teachers and elder siblings largely influenced an individual’s career choice but in current scenarios, people have become mindful. Everyone these days explore numerous available career prospects through the internet or career counselors before making the final decision. But it does not mean that the guidance from the elders is not considered anymore.

Every individual must be watchful while selecting a career. It is suggested that one should not enter a field merely on the grounds that their friend or sibling has taken it up or their parents ask them to go for it.  One should follow their heart, comprehend what actually interests them, see if they are good at it, and then decide.

You can be triumphant in what so ever career you choose if the career is attuned with your destiny number or life path number. This number indicates the core aspiration of a being and expresses the inheritance of certain unpretentious characteristics from the ancestors. So, it will be favorable for you to plump for the right and perfect profession in accordance with numerology. If you pick a wrong career option that is not friendly with your numbers, the probable thing is that you might not accomplish as much as you would have accomplished with numerologically correct careers.

Let’s find out what does your destiny number or life path number tells about your career. But let’s first understand how to calculate destiny and psychic numbers.

Suppose a person is born on 3rd April, 1992, then his psychic and destiny numbers will be:

Psychic number (Single digit sum total of Date of Birth- only date): 3

Destiny Number (Single digit sum total of Date Number, Month Number, Year of Birth Number):

            3 + 4 (Number of April) + 3 (1+9+9+2 = 21= 3) = 10 =1

Hence, DOB is represented as 3/1

Now you know how to calculate your destiny number and psychic number. Remember, these are suggestive of what might vibrate harmoniously well with your destiny number. Each and every individual is unbelievably exceptional and brings distinct passions and talents. Here is the list of best probable careers for the destiny numbers that you can refer to.

Destiny Number 1

Number 1 is governed by Sun. People with destiny number 1 can opt for the career from the following options:

IPS, IAS, Public relation, Politician, Entrepreneurs, Diplomat, President, Principal, Production manager, Program Director, Head of Organization, Leader, Secretary, Major in Army.

Destiny Number 2

Number 2 is governed by Moon. People with destiny number 2 can opt for the career from the following options:

Media line, Travel Industry, Engineer, Marketing, Communication, Theatre, Export Commission Merchant, Production house, Creativity, Artistic, Hospitality, Diplomacy, Music, Singer, Acting, Designing, 3D Animation.

Destiny Number 3

Number 3 is governed by Jupiter. People with destiny number 3 can opt for the career from the following options:

Teacher, Philosopher, Administrator, Civil service employee, Artistic, can go in Creative field, Chartered Accountant, Banker, Business related to Earth, such as Real estate, Property Dealer, Construction work, Civil Engineering, Music, Singing, Composer, Architect, Interior Designing.

Destiny Number 4

Number 4 is governed by Uranus. People with destiny number 4 can opt for the career from the following options:

Architect, career in any building trade branch, Coal industry, Engineer, Commercial line, career related to Science & Technology, Farming, Cooking, Musical Composition, Technology expert, Creative, Banking, Building trade.

Destiny Number 5

Number 5 is governed by Mercury. People with destiny number 5 can opt for the career from the following options:

Writer, Marketing, Business owner, CEO, can work in Top management, Travel Industry, Production house, Creativity. They can also opt the Advocate, Expressive.

Destiny Number 6

Number 6 is governed by Venus. People with destiny number 6 can opt for the career from the following options:

Hotel Industry, Politics, Film, Music, Entertainment Industry, Commerce & Law, Dance, Fine arts, Creativity, Media, Jewelry, Writing work

Destiny Number 7

Number 7 is governed by Neptune. People with destiny number 7 can opt for the career from the following options:

Researcher, Teacher, Navy, Occult Science, Agriculture, Electrical Engineer, Photographer, Scientist, Research, Import and Export Business, Advisors, Strategic Planning, Gamblers, Share market, Writers, Painters, Liaison work, Online Editor, Petrochemical, Trading, Dentist, Navy

Destiny Number 8

Number 8 is governed by Saturn. People with destiny number 8 can opt for the career from the following options:

Judiciary services, Judge, Advocates, Banking & Commerce, Army, Philanthropist, Good Organiser.

Destiny Number 9

Number 9 is governed by Mars. People with destiny number 9 can opt for the career from the following options:

Army, Military, Politics, Business Owner, CEO, Banking & Commerce, Dentist, Electrician, Occultist, Painter, Philosopher, Painter, Philosopher, Diplomats, Sports, Defence, Surgeons, IAS, IPS, Navy-captain

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