How to Apply for Honduras COC?

Applying for a job in Marines require a lot of certifications. In order to get the job it is mandatory to fulfill the important criteria and CoC is one of them. So, if you are an aspirant who is looking for the job prospects in the flags of a registered vessel you will require a CoC.

Honduras Marines is one such platform that enables you great opportunities in various sectors of Marine and in order to get a job there you need to have an authorized CoC.   There are a lot of companies from where you can get this certification. These companies support you and help you with the proceedings that are required in fulfilling the criteria of the above said.  With the help of such platforms you can get the proper guidance and support throughout the process. In return you are asked to pay a fee. To apply for Honduras COC you need to provide the required details and certificates that are collected by the company and they mention the suitable parameters to meet the requirement of Honduras COC.

By depositing the various certificates and documents you can get the Honduras COC in time. The companies provide all the assistance that is required to all the seafarers in order to get the legitimate and authentic certificate of competency. Along with that you can get the details about the courses and seaman book that are must to meet the guidelines and requirement essential for the various flag of Honduras. The companies also offer proper guidance and the actual and valid DG Approved fresh and refresh courses that are available for the position.

You can expect the following support from the companies in order to get the Honduras COC:

  • These companies are capable of arranging the Honduras Certificates for all seafarers
  • They also provide the Certificate of Competency (COC)-for positions including all officers and engineers at the Operational as well as Management level.
  • You can also expect Seaman Discharge Book (CDC) which is available for all the require ranks.
  • You will get the Original Application Form
  • You will have to submit the Copy of National Passport with data pages
  • You will also have to give them the 6 colored passport size Photographs white Background only. In order to get the Honduras COC.
  • Another important document that you will require is the Medical Fitness Certificate which has to be issued by a physician who is recognized by the White List country and is authorized to perform the seafarers’ examinations. You must remember that getting ''HONDURAS'' medical form is compulsory
  • You will also need the basic STCW & advance courses, MFA/MC, GMDSS, ROC and ARPA, SSO etc.
  • A copy of valid CDC, valid COC (Operational & Management Level) , valid Company experience certificates, etc will be provided by the companies offering Honduras COC.

Hope the information provided is ample enough to give you an idea of what Honduras COC is and how to get the certification through various companies.

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