How do I become a Business Analyst without experience? Business analysis practice is now a booming field with lots of demand in the job market today. ......

How do I become a Business Analyst without experience?

Business analysis practice is now a booming field with lots of demand in the job market today. Over the last few years, many organisations have realized the value of having a business analyst on their team and in response to this need, many individuals have been switching or developing an interest in this career.

Before you delve into the Business Analysis as a Business Analyst without experience, first you need to understand what business analysis is. “Business Analysis is a practice of enabling change within an organization or an enterprise by identifying needs and recommending solutions that will deliver value to the stakeholders”.

As a career switcher or an intending Business Analyst without experience, you might find it a little challenging.  This article will give you some practical guidance on how to become a certified business analyst, even if you have no experience.

1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst

Many a time, people perform some business analysis tasks in their daily activities without even knowing it. So, having a basic understanding of what the role requires and what you may be doing as a Business Analyst is very crucial to you and you need to understand the roles and responsibilities

2. Learn from other Business Analysts

One of the underlying competencies of a Business Analyst is Learning. As a Business Analyst, you will learn new things every day. So why not develop the act before you become one. Remember, Senior Business Analysts of today did not get there in one day, they also started from somewhere just like you. Meet with senior colleagues, mentors, peers and discuss how they are where they are today and the challenges they faced. You will get professional advice that will come in handy when you need it.

3. Master some soft skills

The business analysis practice requires a range of soft skills such as facilitation, relationship building, interaction, and communication, to mention a few. Endeavour to build these soft skills in preparation for your business analysis job. Luckily, these skills are not limited to the business analysis profession, you can easily develop them in whatever role you find yourself.

4. Get an ECBA certificate

For intending Business Analysts without experience, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) has come up with the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis. business analysis certification will not only give you a  solid foundation for getting into the Business Analysis profession, but it will also help you with global certification. The certification exam focuses on requirements analysis, modelling and requirements lifecycle management with a good amount of emphasis on modelling concepts and tools. These are what you need to up your game into being a successful Business Analyst and as well grow into the career path.

Also, getting a certificate can prove to your employer that you are committed to the Business Analysis profession and that you have the knowledge required to work as a team member.

5. Participate in Business Analysis projects

You do not necessarily need to be a “Business analyst” before you can participate in a project team to gain Business Analysis experience. Apply the BA tools and techniques you’ve learnt whenever you have the opportunity to do so. 

Furthermore, consider volunteering for Business Analysis tasks or working with Business Analysts on an ongoing project at your organization as a team member. These activities can help you gain some practical experience under your belt within a short time. As a result, you will be qualified to go for the CCBA/CBAP certifications.

Do not let a lack of experience discourage you from getting started. Taking little steps in the right direction one day at a time can land you a Senior Business Analyst in no time.

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