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How to become a smoother driver

One of the most important factors to become a smoother driver is to ensure that you don’t drink and drive.

The Right Posture

A person cannot drive smoothly if he can’t control the vehicle correctly and for that reason, a driver needs to make sure he or she is sitting in the right position according to their height so that they don’t have to tilt there faces to look on the road again and again. Obviously this doesn’t mean you need to hug the steering wheel either because in any case if there is an accident, then airbag needs space too to deploy.

On the other hand, the pedal should be close enough to the feet, especially during an emergency. You should be able to jam on the brake pedal with the strength of your leg instead of feet.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and driving is similar to the thought of having lesser sleep and driving. Just like it is never suggested to drive if you are feeling drowsy or struggling with sleep, it is also forbidden to drive after you’ve had a drink.

One of the most important factors to become a smoother driver is to ensure that you don’t drink and drive. It’s not just a criminal offence, but it can cost you your life or someone else’s life. Even a little bit of alcohol can inhibit your ability to think properly and slows your reaction time and because of that, your brain stops processing in the right way eventually which can lead to collisions on the road. Always make a better choice; don’t get behind a wheel while drunk.

Look Far

To become a smoother driver, one of the tips is to foresee the road and traffic conditions. It’s not just you keep your eye on the road, but you also look far, far ahead. It doesn’t mean you should know what is happening all around you, but instead, you just need to look forward to avoid sudden or surprising events. A good driver always does a quick scanning of the road to know if there are any roadworks, warning signs, direction signs or schools ahead.

Control Emotions

While driving, at certain points when any driver passing by breaking any law or if driving roughly or in a relatively wrong way, you do get annoyed or angry and this can result into aggressive driving and not safe for you and others on the road. It’s nearly impossible to drive alone on the road and stay relaxed.

For a safe and smooth drive, a person must have the capability to control and let go the unusual scenarios passing by and must not get affected by emotions. It is always suggested to stay focused and use progressive inputs while driving.

If for some other reason a person is unhappy, it’s better to take a taxi or let someone else drive you to your destination.

Don’t Get Distracted

There are a lot of things happening that you see from your side window and windshield as you pass by which has a possibility to divert your mind, it is always suggested to ignore that and concentrate on the road.

Other factors that can get you in trouble or interfere with your attention is listening to loud music, paying attention to radio, chatting with the passenger, using your phone or eating while you drive. We all love to pass our time with listening to our favorite music or chatting while driving but if you are someone who can easily lose the focal point then you need to eliminate such distractions.

Keep your car maintained

With a car in bad condition, you will frequently experience mechanical failures and breakdowns. To enjoy smooth driving and to avoid any uncertain situation, it is recommended to maintain your car properly and have timely car inspection. An outdated or damaged part can cause major hindrance in your journey. For instance, if your tyres are in bad condition, they are not only a threat to your safety, they can also cause major damage to the engine and other parts of your car. So, get the best tyres in UAE, inspect your car monthly and enjoy smooth driving.


There’s always room for improvement if you wish to polish up any skill. There are so many other tips for being a calm and smooth driver from holding the steering wheel properly to adjusting your mirrors to weaving between lenses etc.; The tips mentioned above are a few common and significant tips that worked for most drivers and that every driver should know.

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