How To Build a Stone Planter?

These days, the stone planter can be seen in a large number of places for elevating the overall look of the garden area, patio, and other outdoor areas. Because of low maintenance and incredible design, this kind of planter is in high demand.

You can keep it anywhere for attracting the sight of the onlookers. Moreover, a home is the only place that brings peace to us. That is why when you decorate it, you feel nice right from within. It is time to go with the best ideas to have an amazing experience.

The best part of this planter is that it helps in retaining the appearance of the area and functionality of the stone planter wall for flowing plants. Building this planter is easy and can be done with a few items. All you need to be a bit creative in this context so that you can get the expected results. If you wish to build one such planter for any outdoor area then you’ll need all these items:

  • A mixing tub for

  • A masonry lath

  • A staple gun

  • Pressure-treated plywood

  • Plastic

  • Gravel

  • 2x4 lumber that is pressure-treated

  • Thin veneer stone

  • Air compressor and hoses

  • Two bags of mortar

It would be if you keep exploring more images searching on internet so that you can have more ideas. Though here, we are going to explain everything in a detailed manner so that you can find the best results. let us check it out -

Now, follow these steps for building planter in customized options. 

Step 1: Need To Build The Frame First 

The first thing that you are needed to do is to build the frame that can fit your available space. This is the very first and important thing to do. After this, you have to make use of the 2x4 lumber for providing support to the structure. Make a ledge inside the box area so that it can hold up planter box. You can also use plywood on the topmost area of the inner ledge for creating more space for plants. 

If you are making this planter in the garden area then you are needed to mark the area. Now, make sure to dig the area approx 5 inches deep into the soil. Make sure that you are digging the ideal amount only so that can have an ideal platform. Do it carefully so that you would not hurt yourself. Once it is done, you are needed to level the base with gravel for about 3 inches. At last, you have to make the base layer smooth and compact by using a hand tamper.

Step 2: Go Ahead To Line Up The Inside Space 

You have to line up the inside space with some plastic in order to preserve the plywood. It helps to keep the plywood completely safe and secure. After this, just staple the mason’s lath with the plywood frame. The main purpose of using is to provide gripping strength to the mortar. Following this way will ensure its strength in a great manner. At the time of making planter, it needs to make sure that enough strength has been provided it so that you would not face any issues later on and your plants will remain healthy and green. 

Step 3:  Use Mortar To Stick The Stone With The Frame 

Stick the stone to the frame with the help of mortar. You may check on Youtube in case new to use mortar. Otherwise, it is pretty easier and you will get familiar to it within 2-3 times while using. Make sure you are using quick-setting mortar for this purpose. Now, you need to apply the mortar to the lath and stone. For drying time, you are needed to follow the instructions, which are given on the packet.

Step 4: Fill The Cracks 

When the mortar is set, make use of any mortar bag for squeezing the mortar mix between the stones to fill the cracks. The more sophisticatedly they are done, the more strength your planter will have. It is important to fill all the cracks. Now, use a brick tool for brushing out the joints. After this, you need to keep the mortar dry and set completely. One thing that you need to keep in mind is to get the stones from the reckoned and reliable Natural Stone Supplier.

Step 5: Planter Is Heavy, Do It Carefully 

Also, keep in mind that the planter is heavy to weigh enough that there is no need anything extra to keep it secured in the surroundings. Just place it anywhere to elevate the appearance. 

Stone Planters Are Indeed Best To Choose -

Stone planters look lovely and amazingly beautiful. They add incredible beauty to your home enhancing its charm. The fact cannot be ignored that you find also a peaceful surrounding getting your home beautifully decorated with stone planter.  You can decorate the exterior of your house to lift up the beauty of your place. You can make your house look marvelous. 

There are so many planter options you can go with such as Wood, Plastic, Terra-Cotta, Residential and so on. But Stone Planters are considered the best to go with.  The look and design of stone planters will truly make you fall in love with it. They are high in demand and making the people go crazy for it. 

If you have been hunting for the best options to enhance the beauty of your garden or the outer space, you must go ahead with it. You can have incredible options in front of you to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make your home look amazingly beautiful. You just need to go ahead and take help of experts if you require. 


Make sure you are doing everything carefully to have amazing outcomes. It is time to go with the expert ideas to have the best results. Do hire the experts in case you get confused to get it done easily taking less time.

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