How to Choose a Wedding Hall

There are numerous factors to think about when choosing in which wedding hall set your wedding as well as reception and, from these if something doesn’t catches your fancy, this reason would be more than enough to cut that wedding hall from your list of halls.

With various types of wedding hall available, you would like to think that finding a wedding hall would be the easiest job in planning a wedding. But, sadly, it isn’t so. 

There are numerous factors to think about when choosing in which wedding hall set your wedding as well as the reception and, from these if something doesn’t catch your fancy, this reason would be more than enough to cut that wedding hall from your list of halls.

So, to avoid the frustration of getting to ascertain – then reject – what looks like the right wedding hall, here are some questions (in no particular order) that you simply should try to find a proper answer to when you go out hunting for one.


Will the Wedding Hall be available on your Date?


It is considered as the foremost important factor to think about when choosing a marriage venue. There are some halls and other such places that are snatched for a function/event years beforehand, and these are often done during the holiday time or certain special days of the month like Valentine’s Day.

If the hall or the other place that you have chosen is not available on the day you are supposed to get married and you really want that hall for your event, you'll either got to alter the wedding day (that isn’t possible) or look for a replacement venue.

Once you've got found the right wedding venue and realize it is available for you, snatch it immediately so that no one else can.


Will the Wedding Hall be sufficient for accommodating your Guests?


Finding a hall that fits the size profile of your invitees for your function or event is crucial when you are inviting your friends, family and other such guests to your special day.

The last thing that you would like to try and do is have your invitees sit next to people they don’t know or let some of them stand because the hall couldn’t accommodate them.

You should always see to it that the wedding hall has ample amount of space for your guests before booking and make sure that the hall has enough space for the rituals that will take place.


Does the wedding hall come within your Budget?


There are going to be beautiful halls to choose from for your big day, and not all of them are going to be great. However, the choice of choosing one ultimately comes down to your budget allocation.

See to it if the that you have chosen offers packages (all-in-one types) or how much will it cost per guest as this will not only save you from making a mistake but also help everyone (including you) enjoy.


Does the Wedding Hall provide In-house Catering?


Whether you're going to be served a full course meal with sitting arrangement or have the buffet system for your marriage, what you want to know is whether the hall provides their own catering.

If they do, will they allow you to customize the menu that will be fit for your attendees, and this includes the vegans, the ones with restrictions of diet or those who believe in god and such.

If there's no in-house catering, you will have to search for a caterer, such as myMandap.


Are there plans in place if there is a change in the Weather?


When it involves outdoor receptions, whether you’re holding it during crazy weather in an outdoor wedding hall or such venue, ask the hall about whether it has precautions in place for bad weather such as rain or snow (if it is a destination wedding).

While most venues produce other rooms that you simply can run into in the chance of a bad weather, in some places, you’ll got to organise a tent or some kind of back-up yourself.


Will the Wedding Hall be easily accessible to your Guests?


We’ve talked about a facet of this factor above, but location isn’t the sole consideration. You should see to it that the hall you are booking will be easily accessible. If it's located too on the brink of a loud hubbub? Will the location cause problems for both the marriage party, the guests as well as the general public? Moreover, try not to book a hall that's too far away from the marriage hall as the accessibility is really important, but it’s likely that the hall will provide the transport if possible. This won’t be a problem if the guest is coming by his/her car etc.

Are the serving wares provided by the Wedding Hall or you have to ask your Caterer?


When you are looking for a wedding hall, don’t just believe everything will be provided to you. There are halls that provide the tables as well as chairs, and these halls might even provide with a floor for dancing, fabrics to deck up the hall, glasses as well as wares. But, they may attach some kind of a charge for it. And not every hall will give you this facility, so make certain to ask what is in the pricing and what you have to source yourself.

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