How to choose the right express

When we are in a hurry to meet, we always choose something faster. Not a trolleybus, but a taxi. Not an ordinary train, but a fast one - popularly called the express train. So it is in bookmakers. The cappers wanted to arrive at the meeting faster with their winnings, having the opportunity to bet "express". How does the type of train help in betting, and how to use it wisely? Now we will understand. And you can always check your skills at this betting site.

Reference to trains

"Express" was compared to a fast train not only because of the possibility to win the required amount faster but also because of the structure itself. Express is a combined bet consisting of two or more selections. You add events to one coupon, like cars to a train. Receiving a chain striving for victory. It is worth remembering only the main rule: one car has broken down, which means the whole train has derailed. Very vital. In simple terms, this means: the loss of any choice in the accumulator leads to the loss of the entire bet.
The express wins when all bets collected in it are played. The option with a refund or an incomplete win is possible when all or several coupon bets are calculated at odds 1. Nothing cool yet, you might say. Well, let's not torment, let's move on to analyzing the positive aspects.

Why express trains are loved

The most important points are the multiplication of odds and the ability to use several matches at the same time. How? Let's explain with an example. Experienced cappers collect express from a large number of events, where it is not a sin to add a tiny odds of 1.1. Why? It's simple. The multiplication of the coefficients is disadvantageous only at the first stage. Imagine if the odds were added during express bets: 1.4 + 1.4 = 2.8. It is beneficial to play fewer events. But the odds are multiplied, so a multiple of two events at 1.4 will bring you only 1.96. But if you collect on a large scale 2 * 3 * 1.5 * 1.1 * 1.5 = 14.85. At the same time: 2 + 3 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 1.1 = 9.1. The coefficient is much higher.
The benefits over single orders are even more obvious. You have found 4 events in the matches of the next round of the Spanish Championship or the Bundesliga.
We are confident in the victory of Barcelona, ​​which is 1.57 away from Betis. Sevilla is much stronger than Espanyol, I want to check for 2.7. Bayer Leverkusen and Werder Bremen consistently score a lot, and TB 2.5 is worth 1.55. It is tempting to put on a minus handicap of Bayern: only (-1.5) will be calculated in just 1.37. For four single bets, the bank needs at least 400 units. The net winnings at the exit will be: (100 * 1.57 + 100 * 2.7 + 100 * 1.55 + 100 * 1.37) - 400 = 319. A bank of 100 units is enough for the express, we calculate the net winnings: 1, 57 * 2.7 * 1.55 * 1.37 * 100 - 100 = 800.15. More than twice the fat on express exceeded the net profit of four single bets! At the same time, we risked a bank of only 100 units, while for 4 bets we had to throw 400.
The expert calculates TTD, and we calculate the pluses of the express. Risking a smaller amount, you can raise much more than dividing the bank into several single orders. The ability to combine the events of the gaming day into one coupon gives additional sports interest in several events at once at a minimal cost. Have you noticed the trick with Bayern? Cappers never play with odds between 1.1 and 1.3. And only in express trains do they make sense. If you throw out Bayern, the total odds of the press will be 9 / 1.37 = 6.57. Do you feel the difference? 9 or 6.57, and we added only the obvious head start of the unconditional favorite for 1.37. It is profitable to finish express bets with bets on giants, then small odds give much more.

What restrictions did bookmakers come up with?

Express is not considered an illegal strategy, on the contrary, it is encouraged by bookmakers. There are different promotions: adding a gift unit, increased odds for express events, but there are also limitations. To cool the ardor of the cunning, let us inform you right away: the express cannot be collected from bets on the same event. This also applies to interrelated and overlapping elections. Why? The BC line is becoming more and more varied. You can find overlapping bets, the winning of one leads to the victory of the other. To prevent the players from cheating by betting P1 and 1X in one express (the second choice will play if the first wins) or TB 1.5 and TB 2.5 (a similar situation), the bookmakers made a limitation - one bet on the selected event in a separate express. Long-term events won't let you cheat either. If you want to make an express train: the advance of team 1 to the quarterfinals and the absence of team 2, then the bookmakers will only laugh. And the system will not allow you to place a bet. There are a couple of restrictions on express bets related to payments. Fans of building a train of 20 events are common. Many do not risk it, they threw 100 rubles at a coefficient of 15,000 and are waiting for a win. In order to protect themselves from unrealistically accidental bankruptcy (the likelihood of which exists, albeit negligible), bookmakers have introduced restrictions on the number of events of the express, on the total final coefficient, or on the amount of the bet. Each office individually sets the limits, follow this in the collected coupon window.

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