how to create Good SEO for your website & get more backlink

how to create good SEO for your details said this article and how to get more backlinks.

SEO - search engine optimization

most Important thing SEO for every website. SEO work for your website Ranking.

Influence your practice

Did you know that 90% of consumers today use search engines to find local businesses? Since 99% of all Google searches start and end on the first page, your practice is virtually invisible to patients searching online if you are not on the first page.

Create a mobile-friendly website

Google announced a major change to its algorithm that began penalizing websites that were not mobile-friendly with low search rankings.

Post new and  regular unique content

 In the world of SEO, content is king. Posting an insightful blog on relevant topics on your website (such as patient education) has proven to drive more website visitors, increase search engine rankings, and convert new patients.

on-page and off-site optimization technologies

On-page optimization includes dynamic keyword strategies, meta descriptions, title tags, and source code elements. Critical off-site optimizations include directory submission, social bookmarking, and link building.

Don’t mistake This strategy For SEO

Generate more Review

Creating a bank of patient reviews from Facebook, Angie's List, Yelp, and other sources not only improves the credibility of your practice but also provides valuable unique content that you can link to and share on your website.

You Think SEO is a nonsense

Based on the way search engines are evolving, it is unlikely that SEO will stop being effective anytime in the future. It is expensive, long term, and is being adopted by more and more traders every day. SEO is the best marketing investment for local businesses.

Give my content spam

 In your efforts to build a foundation of keywords and long-tailed keyword strings relevant to your practice, make sure they don't go over the board. High keyword density and/or repetition sentences alert Google that you are trying to gamble the system.


Use bifurcated content What's the easiest way to rank? Duplicate content. The great blog that the dentist has written 1000 miles on your web site is easy to copy and paste, Google always knows. Stick with unique content to get your visitors great readings and great search rankings.


Contains incomplete contact information

Not only does lost or incorrect contact information give potential patients a headache when trying to contact you, it confuses search engines because your information doesn't match other directories. It often lowers rank and lowers an online reputation.


Ignore social media

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are great for communicating with your patients, driving referrals, and encouraging your SEO. Links from social media posts back to your website High-quality backlinks, without mentioning any opportunity for patients to test your website.

How to get more backlink  for your site

High page rank

The goal is to get as many backlinks as possible from high page ranking sites.

Anchor Text Structure 

Formatting the backlink as anchor text will help increase your page rank. Simple, powerful, and very effective.

Older domain

The more established the link from which the link is generated, the more weight Google will determine the weight of that link.

High link population

If you get backlinks from "high link popularity" pages, it will carry more weight than low link popularity pages.


Do-follow links can increase your page rank and position in SERPs, especially Google SERPs.

No registrock linking

You should create 'one-way backlinks' and avoid the practice of reciprocal linking.

Relevant content

  Focus on your efforts, your time, and your money to get links from specially focused sites in the same room as your site.

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