How to do your homework quickly: useful tips

How much time should be spent on homework?

1. Work in a convenient place
A clean table and a soft chair are the first things to worry about. Don't work in bed - this place makes you sleepy and distracted. But if your homework is boring, then you can fall asleep at the table. Therefore, ask your parents to make bright lighting in the room - this way you will not get bored and save your eyesight.

2. Get rid of distractions
Put your phone aside, turn off your computer (unless, of course, you need it for work) and the TV. Close the door. Tell family and friends not to be disturbed when you do your homework. The less distracted you are, the faster you will deal with hated math problems. But if notifications about a new video on YouTube or likes on Instagram are still tempting, download an app that will block them for a while. Or just set the "on the plane" mode for at least half an hour.

3. Set the timer
At the beginning of each task, start the timer for as many minutes as you need to get the job done. This will teach you how to control time and manage it wisely. It will also help you focus if you are often distracted. If a topic takes a lot longer than others, it may be worth asking a parent or teacher for help.

4. Get your school supplies in order
In order not to waste time looking for the right things, keep books, papers, writing kits and other materials in an accessible place. Stay organized and tidy up your folders, closets, and backpack every week. Think about how best to arrange certain things so that all your school supplies are in a conveniently accessible place.

5. Make a homework plan for each day.
Instead of grabbing the first textbook you come across and doing your homework, plan ahead. There are several ways to help you plan your homework. Decide how much time you can spend on homework in general. Then make a list of all the tasks you need to complete. Think about how long it will take for each one. Then move strictly through the list, crossing out tasks as you complete them.

6. Arrange tasks by importance and deadlines
As you write tasks in your diary throughout the week, mark urgent and non-urgent, priority and non-priority tasks. An assignment that needs to be completed the next day takes precedence over an assignment that needs to be completed by next Tuesday. Also, first perform more voluminous tasks, and then tackle small ones.

7. Start doing your homework right after school
If you put things off until late at night, it can happen that you work late - and it is more difficult for a person to work quickly when he is tired. Also, do not postpone lessons for the morning - you either oversleep, or you do not have time to complete all the tasks, or you will make mistakes in a hurry.

8. Take breaks
You can't get it done faster if you sit for hours without rest. Take a break of five minutes approximately every 25 minutes to walk, stretch, and give your mind and body a chance to rest.

9. Don't forget to eat and drink water
Eat light, healthy meals and drink plenty of water as you work on assignments to energize your brain and body. Soda and chips are best left to hang out with friends, but green tea, fruit, or cereal bars are good options for snacks during class. Eat not with notebooks and textbooks, but in the kitchen - so you definitely won't ruin your homework.

10. After you finish your homework, do something enjoyable.
It works as a reward and motivation to get the job done quickly. Plan to go to a friend's house, play your favorite computer game, or have a tasty meal. Remembering that after completing your homework, you will be motivated to work faster and more efficiently.

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