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How to Export Contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail?

Hi, I've been using Microsoft Entourage for two years. But now I've switched to Apple Mail. I have a lot of contacts saved in the Entourage email client. Now I want to migrate contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail. I tried different methods but couldn't achieve the conversion I wanted. So if there is any way to export Entourage to Apple Mail Contacts please suggest me. " 

Are you stuck on the same stage too? And are you looking for an efficient solution to import contacts from your surroundings into Apple Mail? If so, then you have come to the right place because in this post we will discuss the reliable and workable solution for it. 

Entourage is an email client developed by Microsoft for Mac OS X 8.5 and higher. It is a personal information manager that provides various functions such as email, contacts, tasks, notes, and projects. Microsoft later discontinued Entourage and replaced that email client with Outlook for Mac OS in 2010. 

On the other hand, Apple Mail is an email client developed by NeXT as part of its NeXTSTEP operating system. The current version of this e-mail service uses S / MIME for end-to-end encryption. It is pre-configured to work with email services like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook, AOL Mail, Outlook and iCloud. 

Reasons for exporting contacts from Entourage to the Apple Address Book 

There are several reasons why users might want to import contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail. Some of the export contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail are listed below: 


The main reason Entourage exported to Apple Mail is because Entourage is going out of service. As a result, Entourage users tend to migrate all of their contacts to other email clients such as Apple Mail. 

Apple Mail offers many features, such as: B. Unsubscribing from mailing lists, viewing messages to view attachments, etc. 

Apple Mail is more secure than Entourage because it has more security features, such as: B. Two-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption and more. 

How to import contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail 

To first transfer your contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail, you need to export your contacts from Microsoft Entourage. Follow the steps below: 

First, start Microsoft Entourage on your local computer 

Now select the File / Export option 

Then a menu will appear on the screen. Select the Contacts for a list option 

Now click on the arrow sign at the bottom of the field 

At this point, you won't have the .txt file until after you've exported the contacts from Entourage 

Open this TXT file in Excel and click the Save As option. 

Then change the format of the TXT file to the CSV file format. To do this, open the TXT file in the Microsoft Excel application and click on File >> Save as >> CSV (Comma Separated Values). Click the Save button 

How do I convert CSV to vCard on Mac OS? 

There is no manual method available to convert CSV to vCard so that you can export the contacts from Entourage to the Apple Address Book. To change the CSV file to vCard, we recommend that you use the most reliable third-party software. CSV File Converter for Mac is the best and most requested tool for converting CSV to vCard. This tool can convert multiple CSV files to PST at the same time. It also has an auto-mapping feature to automatically map all CSV fields at the same time. After all that, we can see how this tool convert Entourage Contacts CSV to vCard on Mac: 


Launch the tool, add the contact CSV file and click the Next button 


Now click on VCF and select the Mac vCard option as this will make your vCard Apple Mail compatible. Enable the Create individual VCF option and map all CSV fields to vCard fields 


Then click the Change button to choose the destination location for the resulting file


Now click the Export button to start the process  


Once the process is complete, you can import the resulting vCard file into the Apple Address Book. 


How do I convert CSV to vCard in Windows? 

If you are a Windows user, you can also convert Entourage CSV contacts to VCF. To convert CSV file to vCard on Windows, please download Excel spreadsheet to vCard Converter as it is the best and most reliable tool for CSV to vCard conversion process. Steps to Convert Entourage Contacts CSV to Apple Mail vCard: 

First, launch the application and click the Browse button to select the CSV contact file   

Now the software will preview all of the CSV content 

Map all CSV fields to vCard fields and click Next 

Select the vCard version 3.0 or 4.0 and activate the option Create individual vCard. Click next  

After all the settings, click the Convert button and convert Entourage contacts to Apple Address Book vCard 


Finally, import the vCard into the Apple address book 

To run export contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail, create a new email and add the converted vCard as an attachment to your Apple Mail email address.  

Open the email in Apple Mail and double-click the attached vCard file 

The Bottom Line 

As mentioned above, Entourage is now being retired and Entourage users want to export Entourage contacts to Apple Address Book. The question, however, is how to import contacts from Entourage into Apple Mail without losing any data. In this blog, we discussed a quick and effective solution to Export Entourage Contacts to Export Entourage to Apple Mail Contacts. 

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