Railway Complaints in India

How to file a Railway Complaint in India?

Rail Madad is a component of the Railway traveler Grievance Redressal and Management System (RPGRAMS) of Indian Railways. Complaint procedure, Salient options of Rail Madad application, Railway grievances and complaints, FAQs, etc.

File a Railway Complaint in INDIA


Indian Railways create some new changes every year, keeping in mind the Convenience of the people. These changes mainly include changes in seat bookings, freight rates, cleaning and train at the channel, passenger safety, simple ticket booking etc.

Even after these modifications, if a rider encounters any inconvenience, the railroad authorities make every effort to address the grievances of these people through social networking, helpline number and email.

The total operating path of Indian Railways is 65,000 kms which makes it the world's fourth largest railroad system. Keeping in view the ease of people each year, Indian Railways creates some fresh changes such as passenger fares, changes in freight prices, passenger amenities, passenger safety, easy ticket booking etc..
Sometimes some people are Contented with all these changes but some People always brings the attention of the government regarding the problems like dirty trains and stations, bad quality of meals, theft of goods and security of passengers .

Remembering the concept of "Consumer is the King", the authorities also makes every attempt to resolve the grievances of people through social networking, helpline numbers, SMS alarms and email etc.

How to file a Railway Complaint?

This report will tell you the way you are able to complain about railroad issues with Railways officials.

First Method to file a Railway Complaint:-

Step 1:- The passengers could file their complaints and tips on the website http://www.coms.indianrailways.gov.in/

You can enroll complain on this platform Associated with;

1. If your seat got confirmed but still TTE does not allot chair to you.

2. Dirty railroad station

3. Unlearned train compartment and washroom

4. Dirty clothes in the rail compartment

5. Demand of bribery from the railway

6. Poor quality of meals

7. Not working electric equipment

8. Inappropriate behavior of this train staff

9. Unavailability of water at the train and channel

10. Theft incidents in the compartment

11. No refund of money on cancellation of train

Step 2:- Following form online to sign up your complaint with the railway (as shown below)

Second Method to file a Railway Complaint:-

Complaint via “SMS, Call and Twitter”:-

Railways have introduced separate telephone numbers for complaints and safety problems. Although Complaints can also be lodged into the railroad through social networking.

1. A passenger may file a complaint or proposal directly by dialing 138. When you have any security related complaint then you can telephone 182.

2. If you want to file a complaint through your cellphone via SMS, Afterward passengers can also SMS their complaints on contact number 9717630982. 

3. In the Event of any emergency, support associated complaint or insecurity during the trip; passenger could tweet at"@RailMinIndia"

To know the current status of SMS based complaints and suggestions visit the following webpage.

Third Method to file a Railway Complaint:-

Complaint via "Mobile Application"

Nearly every railway passenger takes a Smartphone in the present era. By means of this app you'll be able to upload pictures linked to dirty railway compartments, filthy clothing and condemn bathrooms as evidence, which will make it easier for your railway officers to take required action.

The Complaint Management System (COMS) gateway consists of the following applications:-

1. A cellular app based complaints and tips application (now on the android stage).

2. A net based complaints and tips software on URL http://www.coms.indianrailways.gov.in/ .

3. A link to Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Tracking System (CPGRAMS) may likewise be offered.

4. A SMS based complaints and suggestions application on the number 9717630982.

Mobile App:-

Indian Railways are launching the very first cell phone App for registering passenger complaints.

The first Mobile App is on the Android device.

The Mobile program was implemented with Android 2.3.3 (and over) system and could be made available for Windows Phone 8.1 (and over).

The Mobile App Utilizes the Most Recent technology namely HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3.1

The Mobile App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

A fast and user friendly structured interface has been provided to register complaints on cellular phones.

Complaints will be provided with a special complaint ID number.

Complainants can use the unique ID number to monitor progress of complaints.

The complaint is going to likely be auto assigned to the nervous rail functionary to get redressal.

Validations for channel name, train quantity and PNR number are built into the program for consumer convenience.

Thorough MIS reports with assorted zone wise, division sensible, type shrewd, filters will enable effective monitoring in the administrative end.

The Mobile App is linked to this Complaint Management portal of Indian Railways, in which complaints may be registered through Web http://www.coms.indianrailways.gov.in/ along with SMS into 9717630982.

Web Established Complaint Management Program:-

Passengers can also register complaints throughout the Web. The complainants will be assigned a specific ID number with which they can monitor the progress of complaints.

The criticism is going to be auto assigned to the concerned railway functionary to get redressal.

Detailed MIS reports with various zone wise, division shrewd, type wise, filters will allow effective monitoring in the administrative finish.

This Client Complaint Portal is also available in Hindi and other regional languages.

SMS Established Complaint Management Application:-

Complaint or proposal may be sent free flow text as SMS to this number 9717630982. Complaints will also be assigned an exceptional complaint ID number which could be used for tracking.


Que 1: what's the aim and objectives of Rail Madad portal?

Ans : Rail Madad Portal has been developed to modify Railway salutation. to lodge a criticism or offer suggestion through on line, app., or SMS and facility to trace live standing of complaints and supply feedback supported their satisfaction with the resolution. the target of this portal is to reinforce expertise of Railways passengers with swift and satisfactory resolution of complaints.

Que 2: What quite complaints am i able to submit?

Ans : Any criticism relating solely to 'Train' or 'Station' will be lodged.

Que 3: What quite suggestions am i able to submit?

Ans : Any suggestion relating solely to 'Train' or 'Station' will be submitted.

Que 4: What details do i would like to login the system?

Ans : you're needed to enter your valid email id or mobile variety. a 1 Time word (OTP) are going to be sent to the Mobile variety or Email Id that must be entered. (This Procedure is followed to make sure that the criticism / suggestion is being lodged with valid identity.)

Que 5: area unit each, mobile variety and email id, obligatory to login into the system?

Ans : No. anybody of them can do.

Que 6: Do I even have to produce my PNR details in train complaint?

Ans : Yes. PNR details facilitate in correct assignment of a criticism for swift resolution

Que 7: am i able to attach a supporting document beside the criticism or suggestion?

Ans : Yes. A facility has been provided to transfer solely .jpg, .jpeg & .png files as supplementary document you want beside your criticism / suggestion. Uploading is through with click on 'Choose File' button.

Que 8: inside what time-frame my criticism are resolved?

Ans : we'll create all sincere efforts to resolve your complaints at the earliest and additionally inform you constant. However, you'll be able to additionally track on-line your criticism standing.

Que 9: however can i buy to grasp if my criticism has been resolved?

Ans : A message confirming resolution of your criticism / suggestion are sent on your registered mobile variety or email id.

Que 10: wherever am i able to track the criticism already submitted by me?

Ans : you'll be able to track live standing of your criticism by clicking on 'TRACK COMPLAINT' button when login to the portal.

Que 11: Is there any provision for feedback concerning the standard of resolution of my complaint?

Ans : Yes. once receiving the message of resolution you'll be able to post your feedback through the link provided in resolution SMS you've got received from portal.

Que 12: What ought to I do if the portal stops responding or displays Associate in Nursing error?

Ans : 2 immediate action might be:

a) Refresh the browser.

b) close and login once more.

Que 13: am i able to edit/modify my grievance or suggestion once it's been submitted?

Ans : No. Once submitted, no modifications/change may be created to the grievance or suggestion. However, a contemporary grievance or suggestion may be submitted.

Que 14: will grievance be submitted via post?

Ans : Yes. you'll be able to send your grievance through post that may be accepted and processed through this portal solely.

Que 15: I even have an issue that wasn't answered during this list. What ought to I do?

Ans : we've got taken all care to create it comprehensive. If you need any longer help you'll be able to invariably send a mail to United States on railmadadcris@gmail.com.

Que 16: Is there a provision to lodge train complaints mistreatment UTS price tag number?

Ans : Yes. this may be done by clicking train complaints mentioning train range followed by UTS range as a travel authority.

Que 17: Is there provision to lodge complaints against Railway employees ?

Ans : Yes. employees Behavior is one in every of the heads of the grievance each 'Train' and 'Station' and grievance may be lodged against any incident of employees misbehaviour.

Que 18: Is there provision to lodge grievance through SMS ?

Ans : Yes. you will write a message 'MADAD house your complaint' and SMS it to 139.

Que 19: Is there provision to lodge complaints over phone ?

Ans : Yes . grievance may be lodged over phone on the integrated helpline no. 139.

Que 20: Is there any restriction on length of the grievance ?

Ans : Yes. most one thousand characters.

Que 21: Is there provision for following same complaints on cross platform ?

Ans : There area unit 3 platform on the market to lodge complaints in Rail Madad i.e. WEB, APP , SMS and Helpline 139. Complaints lodged on internet or Apps may be half-track on each of them. Complaints lodged through SMS or helpline range 139 may be half-track solely on their various channels.

Que 22: Is there any provision to open the grievance if the plaintiff isn't happy by the resolution provided by Railways?

Ans : No. there's no such provision

Que 23: Is there provision to vary the password?

Ans : Yes. ab initio Application offer default watchword which may be modified later once login.

Que 24: am i able to see my history of the lodged complaints

Ans : No.

Que 25: Is there provision to trace grievance with reference no.?

Ans : Yes.

Que 26: Is there provision to vary the contacts details?

Ans : Yes. you'll be able to update your profile on the link given for this purpose.

Que 27: Is there a restriction on entered PNR for Train Complaints?

Ans : Yes. you'll be able to solely enter a PNR at intervals five days once the boarding time.

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