How To Find A Clothing Manufacturer For Your Businesss

It saves time and energy and it is always at your disposal to go and have a visit to your producer to see how things are going whereas if you are outsourcing your clothing line abroad it takes far more patience and time to visit several factories in the foreign locations, which inevitably increases the cost and it ends up being an ultimate challenge to keep a track of things.

Finding a clothing manufacturer could be a tricky task in the United States because you need to have everything sorted to start. From the cost at which the clothes would be manufactured to the quantity that a clothing producer could provide everything needs to be researched and negotiated if you want the apparel to be made according to your needs and requirements. Ideally, the priority is to have the clothing made because the labor regulations, pricing, and logistics are a lot easier in the United States than anywhere else in the world.

It saves time and energy and it is always at your disposal to go and have a visit to your producer to see how things are going whereas if you are outsourcing your clothing line abroad it takes far more patience and time to visit several factories in the foreign locations, which inevitably increases the cost and it ends up being an ultimate challenge to keep a track of things.

Getting the clothing made in the U.S has it’s own distinguished benefits such as:

  • Generally better manufacturing quality
  • Guaranteed higher labor standards
  • Rapid and effective communication
  • Familiar time zones and calendar
  • Higher demand and reliability
  • Quicker delivery times and affordable transportation costs
  • No import duties or tariffs
  • Intellectual property right protection
  • Higher payment security
  • Easy to brand and market

Finding U.S Based Manufacturers

Here are a few effective ways that could help you find U.S based manufactures according to your manufacturing requirements.

Directories & B2B Marketplaces

Searching through the directories could be your best shot. Online directories are vast and have the potential to guide you through what you might be looking for. They have immense choices to choose from and the chances are that if you look around with clarity you are most likely in luck and would find a suitable clothing manufacturer after a little hustle and bustle.

Here is the list of a few notable and effective manufacturers in the U.S

  1. Zega Apparel
  2. Makers Raw
  3. Free A Better Lemonade Stand Clothing Manufacturer Directory

Google It Through

As you possibly can imagine, going through Google is an extremely effective way to locate clothing manufacturing organizations if you’re inclined to dig deep and work hard to discover them.

The most essential element to hold in mind when going through Google is that it’s not an easy task to locate them. Manufacturers and factories do an amazing job to keep their listings and websites up to date to make it appealing to the people who come around to find them. But it’s also true that many websites are not optimized or kept up to date for the visitors which makes it extremely time consuming and difficult to find a good clothing manufacturer when you are in dire need.

It all comes to a point where you have to keep digging deeper in the search of a better clothing manufacturer, it may take you up to 30 pages in the quest to finally reach the apparel manufacturer that you are looking for. It could be as tricky for instance you are looking for a suitable “Hoodie Manufacturer” but because of the optimization constraints and not using the correct and effective keyword you are not directed to the manufacturer you want.

Trade Shows:

Truth be told, the trade shows are a jackpot for finding and grabbing suitable clothing manufacturers locally. They are a great source to meet and negotiate with potential business partners and apparel manufacturers. There’s a great chance that attending one of these would get you to know someone who might have influential connections with the clothing manufacturer that you might be interested in. Apart from the people in the clothing business, these events could also lead you to the leading printers and factory representatives who might lend a piece of advice or a lead for you to work with.

There plenty of trade shows you might sneak into to get yourself a few connections and potential leads for your clothing endeavor. Here’s the list of a few popular trade shows that might lend you some help:

  • DG Expo
  • Indigo/Premiere Vision
  • TexWorld USA
  • Kingpin
  • Sourcing At Magic


You are most likely to reach a dead point when searching through to look for potential manufacturers. There’s a possibility that your order might be of a smaller scale or maybe the manufacturer(s) you choose would be already preoccupied and not taking any new orders from the new clients.

Among all the hustle you could just ask around through your connections and the communication the people you already know to grab a clothing manufacturer for you. This might take you to travel several miles away in a different state of the U.S but you are most likely to be in luck and you would be able to crack a deal with one or the other manufacturer. Recommendations could be your way to have a big lead looking for a U.S based manufacturer because someone always knows someone to help you out.


Traveling Around:

If you have a business to run especially a clothing business then you must travel around the places to have an overview of the prices which are being set within the market. This gives you an idea about at what cost you should settle down a deal with a manufacturer. Going around different cities and states would also help you to make several connections and have cross ventilation of ideas that you could cultivate in your approach for your clothing business. It can be immensely useful to improve your public relations in different parts of the U.S and also around the globe so when needed they could lend you a piece of advice or a connection that could your way to go for your clothing manufacturing quest.


Going old school could also have an impact on your approach in the methods in which you are looking around for a suitable clothing manufacturer. You can dig into the history of the leading clothing brands and learn from the approach that they took when they were in their initial phase of the clothing business. Reputation clothing brands have a higher tendency to inspire an emerging clothing business. Looking upon them could also reinvent your present approach and you could get better insight and overview for your quest to find the perfect clothing manufacturer for your brand or clothing line.

Cluttering Down The Listing:

After doing all your preliminary manufacturing facility research, you’ll probably have a massive listing of potential clothing manufacturers to work with. At this point, you’ll possibly need to compile down your listing to only a handful, so you can begin getting a bunch of samples manufactured from your very last product from a pick few. To start cluttering down your lista great method is, to begin with, the clothing manufacturers in the nearest proximity to you. Working with producers near you may doubtlessly reduce down on transport costs. Proximity in your potential manufacturing unit also translates into the fact that it will also be less expensive and hassle-free to conduct production facility visits for high-satisfactory control. You’ll also need to clutter down your listing primarily based totally on the quantity of experience your potential production facilities have with the precise clothing product you’re manufacturing and the materials you’re utilizing.

Local Fashion Schools & Incubators:

Another extremely good area to discover clothing manufacturers for your clothing brand is through local fashion faculty and incubators.  These institutions are a great source of finding a suitable clothing manufacturer as they have great relationships with the apparel producers. They are continuously in contact with several clothing manufacturers and could connect you with the one you are intending to work with. They are a sort of a middle man who could make you reach to masses and could pull some strings to get you the kind of help you need for your clothing business.



Visiting The Manufacturing Facility:

As the primary point of finding the U.S based clothing manufacturer was to be able to go and have a visit of the production facility easily whenever you want so if you’re extreme approximately generating a top-notch clothing product and brand, you’ll possibly need to go to your preferred manufacturing facility earlier than a complete manufacturing run. Even after several, perhaps loads of emails and phone calls, there’s no alternative for truly meeting and greeting the people to make your dream emerge as a fact and take a visit to the manufacturing facility floor.

In A Nutshell:

As your producer is an associate and an extension of your clothing empire, it’s vital to take a while to decide on the final candidate. Make certain you chop your listing of qualified manufacturing partners down to numerous and spend the required amount of time vetting each one of them to make sure of your closing decision. Keeping these things in mind would certainly find you a suitable clothing manufacturer






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