How to fix Mozilla Firefox updated every time error

Mozilla Firefox is a highly popular and widely used web browsing software. Gaining such popularity doesn't mean it won't witness any glitch.

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Mozilla Firefox is a highly popular and widely used web browsing software. Gaining such popularity doesn't mean it won't witness any glitch. It is noticed that every time it starts, it pops with a message stating "Firefox Updated '' or "You have been updated with the latest version of Firefox," even when you haven't updated it. Before helping you with the steps, we would like to tell you the cause for the same. You may witness this error when you may have that tab saved accidentally as your homepage (the page which Firefox opens each time you start), or Firefox may be having some trouble saving to your settings file. Now in order to overcome this error, continue reading this blog and follow the below-mentioned steps or else for quick assistance get in touch with the expert techies on mozilla firefox tech support number, who are there to assist you 24*7.

One of the best web browsers of all time is Mozilla Firefox because of its overwhelming features and user-friendliness. Even due to its automatic update feature, it is gaining huge attention from people around the world. However, people sometimes face issues after they have updated the Mozilla Firefox with the latest version. This error is every time you start this browser; it will show the message that 'Firefox is updated.' This message can be irritating if it occurs continuously, and if this happens then, you should immediately reach out to Mozilla Firefox Customer Care Number to speak with the certified professionals.


  • Click on the 'Menu' button and choose the 'Option' tab.
  • Then select the 'General' panel.
  • Now in the 'Startup' area, highlight the text on the home page: box.
  • If, in case it includes something similar to US/firefox/4.0/whatsnew/, then you might have accidentally added the "Firefox Updated '' page to the sites that the Firefox loads on startup.
  • By clicking on the 'Restore to default' tab, you can fix the issue.


  • Firstly, you need to understand that the Firefox changes a setting in its preferences file to determine whether you have seen the 'Firefox Updated' tab or not.
  • In case you face the problem with that file, then Firefox will be unable to save this information and will you the 'Firefox Updated' window each time you start it.
  • So, instead of ignoring the tab address it once and it might understand that you have or have not completed the update.

If you are seeing the error message that Firefox is updated every time you are starting your favorite browser. This message is quite troublesome if it occurs continuously; however, you can solve this issue on your own by either checking the settings of your browser. You may have accidentally saved the Firefox updated tab as the homepage of Mozilla Firefox. If this the reason behind the problem, then you can call Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Number to seek help from the certified and experienced technicians. This number stays accessible at all 24 hours in the day to help the users in needIf you come across ‘Mozilla Firefox just updated’ error every time you try to access the browser, you might have saved that tab to the home page.


If even after understanding and trying to resolve this unexpected error, you are still stuck on the same page. Then without much ado, get on a call with the expert professionals on the mozilla firefox technical support and get your issue resolved in seconds.


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