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How to Get a Certified Translation of Marriage Certificate?

The article provides insight into acquiring a good marriage certificate translation

A Marriage Certificate provides no more than a legal proof of marriage. You might be wondering why would I need to provide proof of marriage with my loved one - however, a marriage certificate translation services is one of the vital registrations furnished by a state and might be required for many legal and non-legal processes. Most often it might be required for a spousal visa, or transfer of wealth (as proof of marriage). In such a condition, a marriage certificate is warranted and many times also needed to be translated (properly). 

The Necessity of Proper Translation:

 Usually, self-translation or uncertification of a marriage certificate is not recognized by USCIS and other visa authorities. Also, poor translation can lead to financial loss, legal issues, and embarrassments. As such, visa, citizenship, and legal establishments request for a certified translation of all vital documents.

What is a Certified Translation?

Certified translation is a translation that accurately represents the original document. Sometimes, certified translations can be stated as attributed translation. A certificate of accuracy that goes along with a translation actually makes the translation certified. A certificate of accuracy is provided by a certified translator. The industry standards for certified translators are usually provided by the American Translators Association (ATA). Translations provided by ATA certified translators have greater chances of being accepted by Visa authorities.

Information Included in a Marriage Certificate

According to the UN, a translated marriage certificate should include the bare minimum of date of occurrence of marriage, the date of registration, the place of occurrence, and the type of marriage (religious, customary, or civil) along with data on partners. The information content differs according to the country and a local expert is usually required to provide the translation.

 When is Marriage Certificate Translation Required? 

  • Required when you are getting married abroad
  • Filing for Visa claims for your spouse
  • Filing for citizenship 
  • Transfer of wealth
  • To claim various social security benefits, resolve insurance claims, and legal issues
  • Getting divorced

How will Online Translation Help?

The process of manual marriage certificate translation is cumbersome. The process - searching for a certified translator, ensuring a certificate of translation, and notarizing the translation - requires lots of time and money. This process can take weeks to complete. However, an online professional marriage certificate translation will help you accelerate the process. With online translation services, you can enjoy accurate, timely, and cost-effective translation at the comfort of your couch.

First, begin by searching for a “ marriage certificate translation service near me ”. Be sure to pick your marriage certificate translation services carefully. Online translation services begin with uploading of your marriage certificate. Translations are provided by ATA certified translators. The translation is checked by a quality control expert. Once the proofreading is completed the translation is forwarded to you. The process is quick, cost-effective, and accurate.

Online marriage certificate translation services ensure that the premium translation is achieved at affordable cost and lightning-fast turnover rates. Online marriage certificate translation services also ensure confidentiality, transparent-nominal charge, and professionalism. Remote translation allows translating to and from 100+ global languages. And the process is not just limited to the marriage certificate.   


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