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How to Get Maximum Results from your Online Math Tutor

If you are looking for an online math tutor in NW Calgary, Mathnasium of Crowfoot can help. Our tutors all have one thing in common - Not only do they all have a solid background, education, and understanding of mathematics, but they are also enthusiastic and encouraging teachers.

Now that you’ve chosen online tutoring as the best option in NW Calgary to facilitate your child’s academic success, you’ve also chosen to commit the time and financial resources to make it happen. Tutoring represents a significant investment that should be maximized to get the best results, so selecting the right online math tutor from the beginning will set your child on the path to great results. To get maximum results, here are some things you should consider when choosing an online math tutor:


  1. Qualifications, Experience & Successful Track Record - Tutors come from various backgrounds but they should always be upfront about their qualifications so you fully understand what qualifies them as a great tutor and how that lines up with your child’s needs. Past experience and a track record of success are also very important factors in determining the right online math tutor. Find out if previous students have met their learning goals and built positive habits from the tutoring experience


  1. One on One Instruction - Studies show that direct instruction is the most effective way for a child to learn. While many schools are using other method, an online math tutor will be most beneficial when they spend time instructing your child in a one on one setting


  1. Student Led Approach - The tutor should embrace an approach that puts your child in the driver's seat rather than providing them the answers. The goal is for your child to become independent with each concept and not to rely on the instructor. You’ll see this when the tutor asks great questions, lets the child get it wrong so they can learn from the mistake and when they don’t give them the answers


  1. Understands your Child’s Needs, Learning Style & Goals - An intake assessment should be the first step for any online math tutor or math learning centre. Your child is an individual and the tutor should take the time to understand where your child needs support, how they learn and what goals they have. A personalized plan should be created using this detailed information so there are measurable and attainable goals for your child to achieve


  1. Fits your Schedule & Budget - Be sure to have an upfront conversation about costs and scheduling. For tutoring to be successful, dedicated time is required each week so you’ll want to be careful to select a tutor or math learning centre that can accommodate the scheduling needs of your family and that it is sustainable in your budget


Once you’ve got a great online math tutor in place, there are some ways to work with the tutoring program and your child to ensure you’re getting maximum results. You’ve taken the time and effort to choose the best online math tutor in NW Calgary for your child’s learning style, needs and goals, now it’s time to maximize that investment!


  • Work with your child’s teacher to gain their buy-in
  • Let the tutor know what’s being taught in math so sessions can be aligned
  • Have your child discuss their homework to their sessions in case support is required to complete it
  • Reinforce good work habits such as a set work time & area, minimize distractions and provide strategies to find help when needed
  • Help your child to be on time and prepared for their sessions
  • Encourage practice and completion of all assignments from school and the tutor
  • Maintain a positive attitude and discuss growth mindset with your child if they hit roadblocks in their learning
  • Ensure there are consistent re-assessments of your child’s knowledge
  • Communicate regularly with the tutor on how things are progressing

Tutoring can provide invaluable skills, strengthen work habits and build confidence that will stay with your child long after the sessions are complete. It is an investment that benefits them in many more ways than just the initial need that caused you to seek outside support. In order to maximize the results from your online math tutor, we highly recommend using the tips shared above to select a great tutor, set the sessions up for success with teacher/parent/tutor alignment and to remain involved in the process.

A great way to make this much easier for you is to work with a reputable math learning centre like Mathnasium of Crowfoot. Mathnasium centres have well vetted instructors and guarantee a personalized student-led approach that is informed by an intake assessment and your child’s unique learning style, needs and goals. We offer flexible hours, affordable plans and a great environment that both stimulates and celebrates your child’s desire to be successful.

Our instructors are connected to the curriculum and work closely with parents and the school community to ensure alignment that will maximize the results from the tutoring program. We’re here to work with your family and to give your child the gift of learning and confidence. Learn more about Mathnasium for families in NW Calgary on our website

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