Frizzy Hair

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair for Good

Humidity, heat, and dryness can be the biggest reasons your hair isn’t looking its smoothest. While frizz may be hard to tame, it’s not impossible to control.

Frizzy hair, we’ve all had it, and we all want to get rid of it.

Humidity, heat, and dryness can be the biggest reasons your hair isn’t looking its smoothest. While frizz may be hard to tame, it’s not impossible to control. With the right tools and products, you can tackle your frizz and have smoother hair in no time.

What Exactly is Frizzy Hair?

You know exactly what frizzy hair is. It’s those annoying strands of hair that stand out from the rest of your locks. While some parts of your hair are laying smooth and doing what they are supposed to, these frizzy, smaller, dryer strands just won’t seem to stay put.


Let’s be honest, frizzy hair is annoying, and it has a life of its own. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the morning, the afternoon, or the middle of the night, this hair will frizz whenever it wants to.


What Type of Frizzy Hair Do You Have?

Believe it or not, not all frizz is created equal. While frizz is basically an area of your hair that sticks up, there are different variations of frizz that may be causing your unruly mane.


  1. Surface Frizz

Does it seem like just the outside layer of your hair is what tends to stick out? This is surface frizz. This looks like static around your hair and appears on the outside, but not on the layers of your hair that are underneath.


  1. Halo Frizz

This type of frizz sounds like the name. Halo frizz appears right on the very top part of your hair. The frizz may give off the illusion of a crown or halo.


  1. In-the-Curl Frizz

This frizz is literally inside of the curl or in the wave of the hair. The most annoying thing about this type of frizz is that it takes away the smoothness of the curl and makes the curl look messy and undefined.


  1. Frizz at the Ends

This frizz shows up on the ends of the hair like split ends do. This type of frizz easily shows up if your ends are dry and brittle.


  1. Pouf Ball Frizz

This is just what it sounds like – a big ball of pouf. There isn’t an area this type of hair shows up on, it can be on top, underneath, or throughout all of your locks. This type of frizz can be especially frustrating for those with curly hair because the curl basically becomes unrecognizable once they’ve reached the pouf ball state.


Why is My Hair Still Frizzy?

Has it been a few days, and you’re still struggling with getting your frizz under control? There are a few things that can be contributing to this stubborn unwanted look.


  1. Humidity

Humidity is a big trigger for frizzy hair. The science behind it has to do with the high level of hydrogen in the air. Hair is incredibly sensitive to hydrogen. So, no matter if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, humidity is the arch-nemesis to hairstyles.


  1. Dry Hair

When your hair is dry, it tries to find moisture around it. That’s why humidity makes hair worse because your dry hair is trying to take in the moisture from the environment.


  1. Damaged Hair

If you tend to use a lot of heat on your hair, if you over-wash it, or color your hair too often, then you can cause it to become dry and damaged. Not to mention the ends can split or break, which will make the frizz look even worse.


Frizzy Hair Treatment Options

As we mentioned earlier, frizz is stubborn, and it basically has a mind of its own. Although it’s hard to control, it isn’t impossible to tame. Here are a few hair treatments options to help fight frizz:


  1. Look at the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner

When shopping for shampoo, make sure you pay attention to what’s inside of it. Look for shampoos that are sulfate-free and have glycerin listed pretty high up on the list. Glycerin can help hydrate your hair, and a product that is sulfate-free will help keep the natural moisture in your locks. You’ll want to make sure glycerin is in your conditioner too, as well as another hydrating ingredient like Shea butter.


  1. Don’t ever skip the conditioner

Make sure you condition your hair every single time you shampoo your hair. This will help keep your hair cuticle from opening and letting in moisture from the environment. So, your hair will stay smooth. Make sure when you condition your hair that you only apply it from the middle of your hair all the way to the ends. You don’t want to put conditioner on your roots because it could cause oiliness.


  1. Only use conditioner on your hair

You may think you have to shampoo your hair several times a week, but you don’t. Your hair would really benefit from just using conditioner about two times a week. Just simply skip the shampoo, add conditioner, and wash it out. This will help replenish moisture. There’s also a small amount of surfactant in the conditioner too which will also cleanse the hair without stripping away the natural oils.


  1. Treat your hair to a hydrating mask

Dry hair is a big culprit for frizz. So, try doing a hair mask to your hair at least once a week to keep your hair moisturized. This will also help protect your hair against damage that styling can cause. Look for a mask that has coconut oil or castor oil in it.


  1. Use coconut oil

Try using pure, organic coconut oil in your beauty routine. You can use it as a mask by simply applying it to the length of your hair and letting it sit for a couple of hours, or you can leave it in overnight before washing it out. Another option is to use it to smooth over flyaways.


  1. Practice safe blow-drying tips

There are several things you can do when blow-drying your hair to keep it from getting damaged and causing frizz:


  • Let your hair air dry about 90% before you use the heated blow-dryer
  • Make sure the blow dryer is on the low setting
  • Hold the blow-dryer at least six inches away from your hair
  • Move your blow-dryer around, so you don’t overheat a certain section     


  1. Use a diffuser on your blow dryer

A diffuser will limit the amount of direct heat that is hitting your hair, which will keep it healthier. It also keeps your hair from moving around while it’s being dried, so this will create less friction and less frizz.


  1. Get a different towel for your hair

Your standard terry cloth towel could be damaging your hair cuticle. Try switching to a microfiber towel or use a cotton t-shirt. This will cause less friction on your hair to help prevent damage to your cuticle.


  1. Upgrade your hairbrush

Your hairbrush could be the cause of your frizzy hair. Try getting a brush that’s designed for wet hair or a wide-tooth comb that allows more room for hair to glide through. This will help prevent breakage that could lead to frizz.


  1. Use hair serums to remove frizz

Hair serums are great for smoothing away frizz. Look for a serum that contains Dimethiconol to smooth and realign hair fibers.


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