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The best lawyer working these days are looking for new ways to attract and keep clients and realise that embracing new technologies is the way of the future.

The best lawyer working these days are looking for new ways to attract and keep clients and realise that embracing new technologies is the way of the future.

The Law App is an innovative new online marketplace for lawyers and clients to interact directly anywhere at any time.  The Law App is a comprehensive online technology  where the general public can sign up for free to create a profile and start posting the specific legal problem they want to  be solved.  The technology then links your problem with lawyers specifically based on the criteria you select such budget or hourly rate, location, area of legal practice and years of experience.

Tips to Get Your best Price Lawyer Working For Your Legal Issue

If you want to maximise your ability for lawyers to find you and give you their best price here are some things you can do to make their job easier:

  • Be as detailed as possible so that the lawyers looking to have you employ them can be as accurate as possible. Don’t worry if it is your first time using The Law App we have guidelines and select fields for you to fill out to help;
  • Have an idea of what you have to spend and select your lawyer based on this figure. Some lawyers may suggest a price that they can satisfy your legal problem for.  Remember the lawyers understand that The Law App is about offering the best deals in law and they have been doing their jobs often for a long time but you have the upper hand because you will get several lawyers “pitching” for your work rather than you going out in the legal world without knowing any lawyers and being at their mercy;
  • Use the system to negotiate. You and the lawyer working for you may be able to come to an agreement about what parts of the work you require and that you may be able to do yourself.  This can reduce your costs dramatically; and
  • Remember you do not have to engage the lawyer working to solve your legal issue until you are satisfied they are the one for you. You get a free phone call or face to face consultation to make sure you are happy.  This is where you can make sure the lawyers are right for you.  It is the best time to reach final agreement on the fees they will charge.

Hire Affordable Lawyer Using The Law App

The main thing to keep in mind is that whilst using The Law App lawyers running costs are drastically reduced as they do not need to advertise anywhere else (which is major cost to lawyers in this competitive age) and they can work from anywhere (sometimes without the need to pay high rents in inner city office space).  The new age of progressive lawyers are using the web to cut their costs.  The best lawyers are leveraging their experience and expertise against the traditional firms to give you the best price at often half their usual rates or even less. Also, before hiring your suitable lawyers, You can take advantage of The Law App Press.

You will see the Savings and benefits


Why does it work?

All lawyers have some down time and experience times throughout the week or month when they could be working and otherwise aren’t.

Another factor to consider is that some experienced lawyers are old school.  Many don’t even have a website.  These lawyers are finding it harder in the current market to have their reputation alone bring in new clients by referral only.


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