How To Install Wifite in Termux

Hello friends , my name is Aman kashyap. I am going to explain , How we will install Wifite in Termux.

Step 1 :- Install Termux app from google play store.

Step 2:-  Open your Termux app and write following commands. 

Step 3 :-  write apt update and hit Enter and wait for full process .

Step 4 :-  apt install python 2 and hit Enter and wait for full process

Step 5 :-   apt install git and hit Enter and wait for full process .

Step 6 :-  git clone and hit Enter and wait for full process

Step 7 :-   Type ls cmd and hit Enter .

Step 8 :-   cd  wifite and hit Enter.

Step 9 :-   chmod +x and hit Enter.

Step 10 :-   python2 hit Enter it is open your wifite.

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