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How to lose 10 kg without sports at home

I deliberately expected a weight loss of up to 10 kg so that the title would be beautiful. I managed to "find" an easy way to lose weight and I want to share it. Probably many have heard about him, but I lived to be 45 and did not know that losing weight is so easy.

Almost always I was overweight and never bothered me that much. I always found a common language with girls, regardless of kilograms, and I liked myself of any thickness. But it couldn't go on forever: obesity + age + inactivity = high blood pressure. And it began to strain me. weight loss programme

Many times I got to the topic of losing weight: I tried to eat the right food, bought all Ducan's books (but never applied it in practice), stopped eating sweets and bread. Something influenced quite well and I dropped 2-3 kg, something not very good, but it’s straight that radical changes were not happening.

Last year I weighed 115-117 kg with a height of 183 cm and gradually grew out of size 3XL, starting to resent: "What dwarfs do they sew all this for!"

By the beginning of losing weight, my weight was 114.5 kg, now the minimum weight is 104.6 kg, I need to lose another ~ 20 kg and I have no particular doubts about what will happen.

I tell you in detail what I did:

Food diary

To lose weight, you need to eat less than you spend. The dependence is not so linear, but it will work for our purposes. For those who want to dig deeper - here's the article:


I ate 1500 kcal, spent 2500 kcal - you are losing weight. If a person does not suffer from specific enough diseases, then it works for him. Surgery free weight loss

Fascinating reading on the topic:


Therefore, everything is simple: we weigh everything we eat, count calories, if they are less than consumed, we lose weight.

Questions arise:

Can you eat everything? But what about before bed? What about separate food?

I answer:

If you are healthy, you can eat anything. Here is the story of how a guy lost weight on junk food (before and after he passed the tests, the indicators are normal):


  • Scales for food. Any Chinese will do, there is accuracy to the gram, and we are not drug dealers. Please note - scales with a display located horizontally are not always convenient, it may be covered by a plate.
  • Body scales. I had a Chinese scale Esperansa and a Chinese scale Strict, the difference in readings is a few kilograms. I had to buy scales from a decent company Tanita and it became clear that Strict was showing some kind of nonsense.
  • Keeping a diary. There are a lot of different services, choose any one to your taste, nice graphics, mobile applications, micronutrient tracking, there are recipes, you can share your database, there is a communication feed. The interface is confusing, you have to get used to, but the functionality is rich. (Looks like an advertisement, but it's not, they don't pay me anything.)

All. This is enough to effectively lose weight.


You can eat anything, but since you are engaged in your diet, why not make it healthier? My wife and I included a lot of greens in the diet, added cod liver and seaweed on an ongoing basis. weight loss workout plan

I wanted to find more suitable recipes.

  • A series of low-calorie recipes by the chef Kirill Gusev, who hosted a program on the TV Food channel, was called “ To Lose Weight ”. Kirill himself lost weight from 160 to 100 kg. I have made a list with recipes for ease of use: you can use it to determine in which release a particular recipe.
  • Cyril has no soups, and the soup is just super for those who are losing weight - you can eat a lot of it, it is hearty and there are always few calories. Here Ilya Lazerson comes to the rescue with the " Sugar Brothers " program, this is for diabetics, but the menu is low-carbohydrate and low-calorie, it suits us.

We tried to cook according to unnamed recipes from the Internet - well, here, as luck would have it, several times it turned out like this. A cook is, nevertheless, a cook - he has qualifications and experience. Found what you like and cook everything from his menu. a faster way to fat loss

How to determine consumption

In order to create a deficit, it is necessary to determine the flow rate for the main exchange. The Internet is full of calculators, I use the built-in site where I keep a diary. To correct the calculations - I weigh myself daily on an empty stomach. Some impressionable people weigh themselves once a week or a month so that they always have impressive results, but the more data, the more accurate. If the psyche allows - every day is better.

Important conditions for losing weight

The good news is they don't exist. I eat with a calorie deficit, keep a neat diary, weigh myself in the morning and that's it. There are no special dishes, you can eat burgers and pies, you can eat before bed. For health and tone, it would be nice to add sports, but I have not added it yet.


  • I am always full and never hungry.
  • I have a deficit of ~ 24%, they say that if you make the deficit very large, then the metabolism will slow down and it will be difficult to lose weight, and then maintain the weight. Didn't check.
  • I don't really follow BZHU, more for micronutrients.
  • Passed several tests, talked to a psychotherapist - I have no eating disorders. Which, of course, is strange - I overeat all my life. Usually, I ate quite normally, but I liked to order KFC or McDonald's and here the calorie content is off the scale. I gave it up easily, but not everyone is so lucky - many eat and cannot stop or are unable to keep candy at home and not eat them. This is not a food diary needed but help.
  • I began to drink a lot of water. They say it is useful. I just buy mineral table water in packages and drink. At first, it didn't work, but after a week I got used to it.
  • Replaced sugar with sucralose.
  • The first month to count and write down is dreary. Then it's okay.
  • Weight jumps. Those. when losing weight, it does not always go down, sometimes up. I have a range of ± 500-700 g. Do not draw conclusions one day at a time. There was an experiment, a man dropped 11 kg in a day. The water balance is changing, a person consumes ~ 5 kg of water and food per day, so what to look at ± 100 g at the moment?
  • The blood pressure is almost back to normal. I hope that when the weight returns to normal, I will completely forget about this problem.
  • General vigour appeared and daytime sleepiness disappeared.
  • Sleep became better and deeper, dreams more interesting and brighter. I don't have a bracelet to watch sleep phases.
  • The mood got better. I don't know exactly why I still go to a psychotherapist.
  • I like eating right and want to form a habit of eating that way. This happens gradually.
  • The fact that I have lived with obesity for 20-25 years and have only heard about some kind of diets, separate meals and other not very suitable things is terrible. WHO and health ministries are ineffective. Published by Key to a Healthy Lifestyle
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