How to Optimize Your Writing for Higher SEO Ranks

If you want to have proper SEO, making unique and creative content becomes imperative and vital

If you want to have proper SEO, making unique and creative content becomes imperative and vital. When you create unique and useful content the traffic to your website will increase and ergo, your business starts to grow. Now we have different kinds of content such as guest posts, weblog posts, podcasts, and etc.  And there are a few things to consider when writing articles to create interesting content.

1.Be aware of your audience

When you want to post an article on a website that is all about home designs and home improvement, then it’s fairly obvious that people will browse that website only to find related content. If your content isn’t about home improvement, then there’s no reason for it to be published on that website. So, it’s important to consider your audience and the content you offer and also the link that you provide in your content because it’s much better to have a link to a website that provides services related to the same content which the audience searched for. 

2.Keep your content original

Your content needs to be unique and original in order to attract an audience properly. If the content is plagiarized and or just a copy of someone else’s content then people are not going to be intrigued by the same old stuff they constantly see on the internet. So, if you want to write an article write it yourself, write it based on your own knowledge and experience, and or research. And that itself makes your article more interesting and more natural.

People become more interested in what you have to offer when your content is unique and attractive. Because they know you’re an original. And for that reason, your products and services’ reception has a higher chance of getting boosted.

Originality adds more value to your content as well. The more valuable an article is, the longer it’ll remain published on a website. And the longer it remains visible to viewers, the more traffic would get redirected to your website, which ultimately promotes your business.

3.Make interesting headlines and create sections

You need to make a big impression with your text. And to do that, you can use clear, interesting, and keyword-rich headlines. Headlines are quite powerful, and using them efficiently can boost your traffic to a much higher extent, so do not underestimate a good headline.

Also, remember that you need to make your article easy on the eyes by separating it into different sections and paragraphs. If you don’t, the reader will immediately become discouraged and will lose the will to go through a messy article.

4.Promote on social media

Social media helps increase the reach of your content and promotes sharing. By posting your articles on social media, you increase your recognition which in turn boosts traffic to your website. You can put your article links on Facebook, and or tweet about them and, etc.

Social media presence is also a way of showing others that you are a real person and you truly exist. And that adds to your validity.

5.Build links

Linking to your own articles or website in your post ensures a link back to your website if your article is picked up by another site. That way you’ll be redirecting traffic to your own website which is the main goal of content creation.

However, if you wish to increase the number of links to your content and just increase your total SEO ranking in general, there are always SEO agencies in Brisbane and other places in the world that can help you achieve that goal.

6.check the grammar and plagiarism

 For most websites having articles that are not plagiarized in any way and are grammatically flawless, are considered great quality content. Those articles are of higher priority and value.

You can always use grammar checking tools like Grammarly to check your grammar and tone and make changes if necessary.

Also, you can use tools like plagiarism to see if your article is unique and is in no way similar to other articles on the internet.

Remember that plagiarized content is completely unacceptable for most website editors. And poor grammar will result in people losing interest in your article and you losing some of your validation as a reliable source.

And there you have it. By taking all of these pointers into account, you can start writing unique, inspiring, and useful articles and all and all optimize your writing for SEO purposes.


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