How to Prepare and give PTE Test by online platform

Practice for PTE test online with our portal of PTE coaching through online practice tests and Tutorials available. You can secure good marks by preparing through our online practice tests for PTE Academic, We also have test papers of previous years of PTE Exam.

How to score 60+

The practice is the most powerful key. As we read from our previous classes, Practice makes a man perfect. That’s why we give you the most powerful weapon and some tools for your preparation. The various modules of this PTE platform will help you improve in each area in PTE Test. This online exam preparation helps thousands of students to clear the exam. And you will achieve your target score.

Best online Platform:

You have to choose which is the best online platform for preparing your PTE Academic. The test is developed by keeping in mind the original testing conditions and the test takers prepare for the Official PTE test in real PTE Academics Environment with real test-like conditions. These tests cover your skills like Reading, Writing and Listening. It gives a unique and clean interface for practice the exam which you will practice in real environments.

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100% percent computer delivering scoring:

PTE Academics (open the link and register it and get every day new mock tests or practice test for practice) is the 100% computer-delivered test which is also an auto-scoring platform which is the same given as official PTE Academic score. To learn how to boost your achievements by achieves scores and evaluation as per the requirement.

How to prepare for PTE (gives clearer direction)

While you prepare for PTE Academics, for every module, every question you will be identified by the areas you have to improve and by improving that weaker points of you, earn extra points and you will be one step forward to reach your target score.

PTE Preparation Tools online:

You have to choose the best online Preparation tool for preparing your PTE Exams. You have to choose wisely not like that the first link you see on google is best for your preparation. You have to open all the sites, see all the features then select anyone from them.

There is so many PTE Preparation online, FourModules is one of them.

While Preparing for PTE, there are some facts regarding it:

  1. Target your Score: While you are starting to prepare the test, firstly you have to set your target score that how many scores you want to achieve. According to that, you have to start practice. For e.g.: If you want to get the 70+ score in PTE, then you have to put many efforts in PTE Exams so you get a 70+ score in real PTE Exam.
  2. Test Delivery: As online PTE preparation is a computer-based exam that is delivered by different websites. You can register online at and practice online through various Practice Tests and Mock tests as per your convenience. When you Register in, you will create a secure account with that website with a unique password and username.
  3. Access your score report: After your test is completed, you will receive a notification in your email when your scores are available, you will see what’s your weakness and what are the main points in which you have to improve your skills.
  4. Follow instructions Carefully: You have to follow the instructions as per recommended by the tool according to that you will learn everything
  5. Focus on your weak points: Everyone knows herself/himself properly instead of others judge us. So we know, what is the area in which we are weak !! so we have to recover that area. For Example: If you are weak in the speaking section, then you have to focus on the speaking section more.
  6. Learn New Words: FourModules name the word vocabulary to Wowcabulary in which you learn every day new words through videos how we can use in daily life that word.

Enhanced PTE Practice with FourModules:

  1. 80 Practice Test and 10 Mock Test: There are 80 Practice Test and 10 Mock for PTE Preparation that is enough for you to practice. There is Rs.30 per test, if you are buying in the combo, then you save a lot of money. These Tests will provide you all sections of all modules.
  2. User-Friendly: this website is user-friendly and there is ease of navigation in PTE preparation and if you have any serious error then it will help you.
  3. Self-Analysis tool: There are so many tools that are of self-analysis help you to estimate your potential, where you stand. Analyze your areas of improvement and by practice, work on it.
  4. Access on the Go! Access PTE Practice Test on your smartphone, tablet or Laptop. Anytime, anywhere you can do the practice. The requirement is Better Internet connection.
  5. Time Management: If you practice regularly, then you will know how to manage your time.
  6. Resourceful Material: Study material and by practicing each practice test help you become competent and you will good in PTE Academics and there is one resourceful material add is WOWCABULARY (i.e. Vocabulary) by this you can learn every day new word through video, how you can implement in Real-time.
  7. Real-time test environment: This helps you to familiarize with the all difficulties and challenges you will face in the actual exam.
  8. Various Difficulty Modes: There are so many difficulty modes you see in the starting but by keeping practice, you have a fixed routine and you prepare yourself for a big day means for the real PTE Academic Environment.

Scored Practice Test:

Scored Practice Test is familiar you with real PTE test. This practice test will help you to estimate or test your performance for the real PTE environment. It also points out all English language skills pointed out in real PTE Exam.


Results are delivered in the same way as in real PTE Academic Environment.

Once the Practice Test starts, you assess the test analytics by this you know you weak and strong points.

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