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How to Run Super Bowl Party Games


The entire super bowl LV is about football, friends, family, food, festivities, and fun. The best you can do to enjoy the super bowl is host an awesome super bowl party and have enormous fun while betting on the games. But while doing so, you need to make sure that everyone enjoys your party while earning money at the same time. It is undoubtedly impossible to please and make everyone happy, but at least you can give your best by having lots of super bowl games at the party. The super bowl betting games include drinking challenges and food competitions. Here are some of the best super bowl betting games and tips on organizing them and enjoying them the most. 


Super bowl betting games 


All love sports, and there is no doubt in this. But sports become even more exciting when there is an opportunity to wager on them. It is especially true about the Super bowl. The Super Bowl is the most loved event because of the betting options it provides to the wagers. Have a sight at some of the best betting games for the super bowl. 


Super Bowl squares contest 


As the name suggests, you need to make squares in this to get started. There is a lot of fun waiting for you in this game. The betting system rewards the lucky winners at the end of each quarter. The best thing about this is that you can even play this at your workplace, and it’s also quick to learn. To get started, write the names of the team and the players name and commence playing it. Another main thing about this game is that it is based on pure luck. Everyone has equal chances of winning, and nobody knows what scores are being assigned to them. 


Super bowl prop bets 


Prop bets are the best other than the standard bets and are provisional bets. You can place prop bets on almost anything you want to like on the national anthem. Some prop bets go like this- who do you think will make the first touchdown, or what will be the first score- touchdown or anything else? Prop bets are very easy to determine the win or loss. You need to toss the coin and know the winner. There is no need for skill to place super bowl prop bets. For this, ask people to vote and place the bet. While doing so, keep track of it as it will help you to determine the winners. 


Drinking games 


The primary thing which will keep you going in the super bowl LV is to keep pace with things. Be ready for the long event as there is halftime and after-game commentary in the super bowl. To keep up the action in the game, there are drinking games introduced in the super bowl. 


The replay go play 


Whenever your team’s coach requests the replay review, the participants have no option than to create a cocktail they never had before quickly. You can make it pleasant by adding a variety of mixers and liquors and some concoctions. For instance, beer drinkers have to put down the same label and opt for a new beer instead. The same goes for the teetotallers. They also have to try something new, quite different from the one they have been having for a long. Coke and pina colada mixers seem to be the best combination ever to try, if not more, than once. 


The fumbler


What happens over here is that everyone has to pass his/her drink to the left when the ball is fumbled. Consequently, you have a new drink to wrap up now. You need to drink the same drink the person is drinking at the right and finish half of it, and everyone has to do this. No one can refuse this. 


Beer cooler challenge 


In this, everyone has to pound half a beer whenever a beer commercial comes in. it has to be half at least, but there is nothing to care about the brand. You need to appoint the referee, give him the whistle and let the cheaters take the shot. 


Penalty shot 


Everyone has handled a jell-O shot whenever a team gets the penalty of five yards or more. But you need to prepare for it in advance if you want to have fun. You can also ask around someone to bring these. 


Food competition 


In this, everyone brings his/her favorite dish, and everyone votes on that. Usually, the party is hosted every year. People will get creative when the rivalries develop. Besides this, this game allows you to enjoy finger-licking food while winning prizes also. Prizes in these games are like bottles of wine or Starbucks. 




You can employ all these games at your super bowl LV party and enjoy to the best of your ability. 


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