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How To Style Jeans That Are Too Long?

Thumbs up! For having another denim jeans to your attire collection. That may be a perfect fit, but what if the hem is longer than you expected? It’s obvious that the jeans you bought can be too long so that it fits different leg lengths.

If unintentionally you bought such a pair, now you’ve to rush back to the market? — ITS SIMPLY NOT LIKE THAT—- the fact is people do buy such pairs knowing that inseam length is a bit longer beyond the measure of their ankle bone.

Why do they do so? It’s the denim craze baby! You can style that unwanted extra inches of your hem, instead of getting it cropped. That’s what this guide will teach you ‘how to style jeans that are too long?’ 

Here’s how you can treat the hem of your long pants in some great ways:

STYLE UP —by cuffing 

An easy yet trendy way to get rid of extra inches of your hem is by cuffing or simply rolling. Elevate straight leg jeans or your slightly bottom flared ones with cuffing from boring to elegant. Females prefer doing it on their slim fit or skinny jeans as well.

You can try cuffing with three options: single, double or a deeper one, but you’ve to make a smart choice depending upon the inseam length.

GO FOR A SINGLE CUFF- If your jeans fit an inch or tempo longer beyond ankle bone. It’s versatile enough to match any type of your shoes and gives a finer look.

GO FOR A DOUBLE CUFF- If your jeans fit a little more than an inch or two resting on to your shoe cuff. A double cuff requires not too much folding, just STICK TO TWO FOLDINGS. Make sure the cuff sizes match each other for a balanced look.

GO FOR A DEEP CUFF- If a wider portion of your jeans is left passing beyond your ankle bone. A single to inch cuff is a smart option for those who need a leg break such as for tall and skinny guys. It best compliment with

STYLE UP— by cropping or hemming;

If you want your hems to rest nicely on the top of your shoe cuff ideally 1-2 inch niches above, then this option is for you.

Here are the two choices: either do it yourself or get it done.   

From a casual style perspective, a frayed hem is better and trendy. For a self-done remedy to crop your light blue jeans, all you need are a pair of sharp scissors. There are a lot more variations you can do with it. Check for online tutorials and have a hands-on experience!

 An imperfect rolled hem can fall down at any moment. If your outfit is designated for an on-duty purpose goes for a polished tailored hem. To get the best lengths you must wear the shoes to get the fuller idea where you want the leg opening to rest either an inch or two above your boots or just streamlined with the boot cuffs.

Tip:  cropping a Jeans without a single wash can make it a few inches shorter upon a wash. Ideally, a rinse is recommended to raw denim, whereas a non-shrink proofed raw denim is an exception.

STYLE UP— by stacking:

Are you trying to be funky with your jeans? Besides cuts, styles, shades and patterns allow a self-made change to intervene. Although this one is not too trendy, you can go for it if you like.

If you’re a thin man, your extra sleek leg might need a break at the end to make it apart from looking more like a bamboo stick, here’s stacking comes into play. For a tall man give your leg line a break to make you look shorter.

Let your hem crease an inch or two to skim over or to drape over your shoes. The method only goes well with jeans taper from the knee down to the ankle, such as slim fit or skinny jeans.

They were stacking pairs nicely with high profile sneakers (running kicks) and leather boots (cowboy and rock star boots) whose shafts support this self-made hem stacking.

Tip: An unsafe option to play, as underdone or overdone hem creasing, will give a poor messy vibe.

STYLE UP— by tucking: 

Boots are the smartest way and an iconic fashion statement to all, but they can serve you beyond styling too.

This is how? Tuck, the excess of your slim fit jeans into your boots or for a straight leg jeans, pinch the excess part and wear a sock onto it then slip into your cowboy boots or timberland boots.

Tip:  for a rugged look slip into your desired boots without wearing any socks or fine tucking through hands. Just roughly step into those sturdy boots for a funky and messy jeans outlook.

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