How To Support Student Learning at Home

How To Support Student Learning at Home

The new generation was born into technologically advanced age. It is a time when all is evolving into a digital and mobile environment that everyone can benefit from, especially online learning. The world has changed dramatically as a result of the internet's growth.

In these extraordinary times of school closures due to COVID-19, our children can only study at home and go to an online class. But, studying online and not having a face-to-face interaction might be hard for your kid. You will see them slouching on their seats and not really paying attention to class. We must do everything we can as a parent to keep our child engaged and interested in learning.

Although not in a class, keep your child entertained with the right learning materials he can use. Below are some of the things you can do to support your kid's learning at home.

A Space To Learn

If you or your entire family is at home, bear in mind that everybody needs solitude from time to time. If you're fortunate enough to have a home that allows everybody to have their own space, that's awesome. If you don't have one, build a space that your child will enjoy staying.

A reading nook is a perfect place your child can have when he wants to study. This is best because it is comfortable and where they can have their alone time.

Make A Schedule

Children need routine, especially that they only study at home and cannot dress up for school. A familiar routine can be continued even at home. Schedule your kid's day just like how he used to before. 

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In the morning, after he wakes up, he will take a shower and eat his breakfast. After that, your child can go for a walk, even just for minutes, to start their day. He can go to online class then and enjoy his break time when he has. 

It could be beneficial to make a day's plan the night before and go through it before bed or in the morning with small children. You don't have to make the schedule every hour for your kids. Just create a schedule to make his day exciting and keep him ready to learn.

Learning At Home

Learning does not just happen in four corners of the wall or your child's online reading tutor. Learning can be in so many different ways. It can happen off-screen or on-screen. Here are some ways you can help your child learn.

Off-Screen Learning

Reading Books 

Reading is vital for young children and even adults. Reading is the best option to learn everything from letters, words, facts, news, and more. Reading makes a person smart and widens the reader's imagination bringing them to a different dimension. For your kids, reading will make them knowledgeable about their environment, making them aware of it.

Listen To Audiobooks

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Audiobooks do not substitute the act of reading, but they can be a great way to hear the vocabulary of books when used in combination with it. You can easily download stories online and let your child listen to them. This is perfect for young kids who are just learning how to pronounce the words. By listening to the stories, they can process the sounds they hear, which they can later use the words in their conversation. 

Create Something In Your Imagination

Give your child craft materials such as colored paper, pencils, scissors, cardboard, and other craft materials he can use to make anything that is in his mind. If you want to make it more fun and eco-friendly, give your child a box full of recycled items to work with, such as paper towel tubes, empty cereal boxes, egg cartons, and a roll of tape.

On-Screen Learning

Although we don't want our children looking at screens all day, there are plenty of learning opportunities available online, many of which have been circulating lately. Here are a few more suggestions:

Online Reading Tutor

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Besides having online classes, many parents turn to reading tutors to supplement their child's reading needs. Because your kid cannot study in school and online class seems different from the traditional, they look for another way to let their kids enjoy and develop their reading skills. 

School's online classes are not one-on-one learning, so if you want your kid to level up his reading skill by having a one-on-one reading class, then enrolling him in an online reading tutor is the option.

Take a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are available for free at several museums and other locations. Because of the pandemic, your child cannot go outside and go to places they like. Take a virtual tour today, and after you are finished with the virtual tour, you can ask your child to list down the things he learned from the tour. 

Create Something

Everything can be created using the technology we have today. To make learning fun, you can let your child create a video about his daily routine for class, what he has learned from his online reading tutor, the things he did during the pandemic, and anything that makes him share his experiences and learnings. 

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