How to Throw a Birthday Party during Quarantine?

The coronavirus pandemic has got us all locked up behind doors and has also transformed our lives in a massive way.

The coronavirus pandemic has got us all locked up behind doors and has also transformed our lives in a massive way.

Naturally how people used to celebrate the big events like graduations, wedding, birthdays and baby showers is also not the same anymore.

This is because, a huge bash is not allowed in most places nowadays and even if you go for it, there are chances that the social distancing will go for a toss.

But thankfully digitalisation has opened up avenues that were impossible to think previously. Here are some exclusive quarantine special birthday party ideas that will ensure that the birthday boy/girl still feels loved even from 6 feet away!

  • Drive By to Wish “Happy Birthday” – While you are not able to invite people there is no harm in just driving by. You can just invite the family and friends to drive by with a fun birthday banner or poster hanging out from the window. This will brighten up the day for the birthday host/hostess. You can talk from a safe distance and also sing the Happy Birthday song together.  If the birthday is of a child you can also put it on the social media so that they can use some cheering up.
  • Host a Virtual Party – Though it can never measure upto the real party, you can always celebrate a birthday party virtually over a video chat. This will give a chance to the distant relatives to attend the party. You can host a video chat over Skype, Facebook Messenger and many more platforms which facilitate this. Just make sure that everyone invited can get connected and use this technique properly. A pre-party practise can ensure this as all are not used to video chats as of now.
  • Go for Baking Party & Cake Decorating – To make the birthday party a happy occasion in the midst of the otherwise gloomy phase, why not put up your cute aprons and go for making birthday treats. You can make the colourful and big 3-4 tier cakes in the birthday boy’s/girl’s favourite shades. You can also opt for appetizers like cookies/tarts. Candy-making is also something that you can try. Make this a fun and delectable birthday bash.
  • Make Your Place a Wonderland with a Theme – The quarantine like many other things has presented us with the gift of time that we never had earlier. So if you always wanted to opt for a crazy decoration but never had the time, now is the time to have that experience. Delivery services are still there for you and you can get hold of some funky party kits online. You can opt for a theme like outer space, the retro theme or glow in the dark and create a mini gateway all within your home or can organise the classic birthday bash with confetti, balloons and streamers. You can also pick up outfits for all the family members to go with the theme for an all-inclusive experience.
  • Watch TV Shows and Movies Simultaneously – Using a service like Netflix Party, you can host a movie night with your pals and extended family. Through such an app everyone can simultaneously watch a movie and play or pause it at any time. Not just movies you can also watch your favourite shows and while doing that you can also chat on the sidebar. This is going to offer a gala time to all including the birthday host/hostess.
  • Give the Gift of Self Care – You can focus the entire day on relaxation and pampering of the birthday boy/girl. You can tidy up the clutter, light up a few scented candles, diffuse some essential oils and help him/her with the most comfy robe for spa like feel. You can also arrange for an at-home-mani-pedi. Opt for a hair mask or face mask and use cucumbers and lemons in the water. You can also organise a guided meditation and then uncork your red wine bottle to offer an indulgent and comfortable feeling to your birthday host/hostess.

These are just some of the ways as suggested by the experts of reputed creative event agencies that you can use for throwing a birthday party during quarantine and make your birthday boy/girl feel special in these tough times.

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