Off Plan Properties in Dubai

HOW TO TREAT AN OFF-PLAN PROPERTY WITH A DELAYED HANDOVER? is a top real estate agency in UAE working within an ideal user-friendly environment. And we believe that everyone deserves to have an opportunity of an OWN home! We aim to vision ours and encourage you to dream and leave the rest upon us. We go above and beyond to guide you as a way to your home. Here, we fulfill all the buyers, sellers, and tenants' requirements by providing them a suitable property at an affordable rate.

It is a place that customers never want to be, a 'Delayed Handover'! Your properties were signed, sealed but not turned over on time. However, following the opening of freehold areas, the Dubai Land Department has implemented laws to assist developers who find themselves on their handover date without a key.

The measures and stuff you need to take care of are here:

Second, make sure that you have paid all the correct fees required by the handover date and all the documents you were meant to have got.

Moving to the web for a tour

Find an actual end deadline. When improving a project, contact the Dubai Land Department and consult with the Dubai Developers on-site to see the house's physical condition.

Talking to the creator over a solution

Be sure to ask about what options they are selling to your developer. The choices available vary not only within developers but even within individual projects, so find one that fits for you.

Document A Argument

If none of your developer's choices are viable or reasonable, please contact a good property lawyer and file a lawsuit with the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Track if it's a scrapped project by RERA

In the case of building canceled by RERA, in Executive Council Resolution No. (6) of 2010 (as per Law No. (13) of 2008), regulation for developers is in force. The canceled projects are the responsibility of the newly created judicial commissions, the Real Estate Cancelled Projects Committees (part of the Dubai Courts), which manage the resolution of rights and liquidation in these cases, as formalized in Decree No. (21) of 2013. If the proposal has not yet been formally scrapped, investors must contact the Committee via email.

How to defend yourself when buying Off Plan Properties in Dubai:

  • Choose a developer that offers compensation against construction goals for post-handover payment or payment.
  • Ensure the property is a licensed project of the DLD (Dubai Land Department) and is approved by RERA.
  • Confirm with the developer that they have listed the property in the Interim Property Registry through Oqood. This DLD programmer makes it easy to register off-plan properties to manage and preserve owners and buyers' rights.
  • At the top - Get your homework done! Visit the site, search the developer's past projects, chat with other customers, read predictions, and finally deal with trustworthy developers and brokers.
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