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How Virtual reality is Changing Health Sector

Virtual reality is bringing a better change in the health sector. It helps patients to deal with many diseases and doctors to execute complex surgeries.

If somebody asks you what virtual reality (VR) is, you will say that it is a form of entertainment in which a simulated environment is created that makes you feel that you are a part of your surroundings. Well, its use is not limited to entertainment only. Health sector is widely using it to treat medical conditions. However, this is also hellping doctors and medical practitioners to execute complex operations. Here is how this three-dimensional, computer generated environment is changing healthcare sector in a better way.

Preoperative planning

Surgical planning is the first step that surgeons perform before beginning of an operation. Nowadays doctors use VR to execute complex operations successfully. It enables them walk through it beforehand so that they do not come across surprises during a real-time surgery. It helps make the procedure safer for patients.

With the help of CT scan, MRI and ultrasounds, you can create a virtual model to know about the patient’s body in detail, identify challenges and then create a safer and smoother surgical operation. You can detect problems in a more explicit way and execute surgery steps beforehand. The virtual model is used by doctors to train interns too. You can also create a flight simulator to practice operations.

Pain management

Patients can quickly manage pains with VR, but it has not been proven yet. This area is still being researched and results so far are promising. Pain management therapy with VR is usually performed on patients for whom anaesthesia and sedations are perilous. Doctors use this technology to immerse you in a virtual world to take your focus off pain signals. This therapy usually helps you by diverting your mind. In fact, it also helps you tolerate medical procedure that causes extreme pain.

It can be helpful among patients suffering from chronic pain and phantom pain. The therapy with VR is aimed at amputees who have severe pain in their missing limbs. It more often than not is difficult to treat despite heavy painkillers. With a simulated environment, you can cope up better with pain.

Stress management

Stress can badly affect your physical and mental health and when you are in hospital away from your family and friends, you start feeling depressed and anxious. Since the length of time for a stay in hospital can be long depending on your recuperation, doctors make sure that you stay calm and relaxed. For this, they use VR to alleviate the impact of stress. It can help distract your mind and entertain yourself as long as you are in hospital. In fact, VR systems have been used by soldiers to learn relaxation skills.

Though VR can help you successfully manage your stress, not all patients go for it due to high cost. The cost of VR treatment depends on the type of equipment used to treat you. Some may be very expensive, for instance, £5000. It is difficult to afford such treatments even if you rely on loans like guaranteed payday loans.

Physical therapy

VR also plays a paramount role to provide effective physical therapies to patients. It can help doctors track your body movements while you will perform steps of the therapy exercise being a part of a simulated environment. For instance, you will lift your arm above your head to catch a virtual ball. With traditional techniques, it seems very complicated to encourage patients to move their body, but with VR, it seems more interesting. It encourages patients to perform what physiotherapists ask them to do. It has been observed that patients overcome their fears and anxiety while moving their body with the use of VR world that is almost impossible with traditional ways.


VR technology is very effective to get over addiction. It can keep you from relapsing by exposing you to stimuli that may trigger a relapse, and at the same time, a doctor will walk through the virtual environment to suggest the tips to overcome your craving. This treatment is used to deal with any type of addiction such as smoking, alcohol and any other substance abuse.

The virtual environment can be personalised based on your substance abuse history. For instance, if you smoke at your workplace during breaks, the virtual environment will consist of a smoking atmosphere and your doctor will teach you techniques to deal with urges of smoking. However, experts suggest that this kind of therapy will be helpful when you say no to triggers in real-time situations. You will have several moments that you will hanker for substance abuse and that time you will show your determination to overcome it.

Educating patients

Doctors are using VR technology to educate patients about medical condition in an engaging way. Through a VR device, you can see how medications work and help your body recover from an illness. It can also teach you how a particular food or drink affects your health. Doctors generally use VR to explain patients how a medical procedure will be performed. This helps them feel calmer. It is important that you do not feel anxious before undergoing a surgery.

The use of VR technology is gradually on the rise, and it has a good impact on the health sector.

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