How You Will Change Your Behavior to Be Healthier

Maintaining good health helps people stay active, effectively communicate with others, work efficiently and display leadership qualities as well as build strong relationships in the community.

Maintaining good health helps people stay active, effectively communicate with others, work efficiently and display leadership qualities as well as build strong relationships in the community. It is thus important to modify one’s behavior to be healthy because this decision will bring life at the higher quality level and introduce one’s future perspectives based on the current potential. This paper is aimed to provide a reflection on health assessment based on eight criteria (including contraception, sexual attitudes, communication, sleeping habit, stress, physical and psychological health, and spirituality) and show how change in behavior and lifestyle may positively affect human health

Physical health, in particular, depends on contraception as it is crucial to get protected from sexually transmitted diseases. However, this method is costly and may cause some troubles to health, so in the future I would rather improve my contraception methods, applying hormonal contraceptives, but only after I get consulted with the doctor.

Judging from the questionnaire results, I have understood that I would feel rather uncomfortable finding myself in intimate situations that may have a huge impact on the quality of sexual life. So, I would like to train myself not to get ashamed or worried when the other people share their intimate feelings with me. To reach this aim, I think that one of the best options is to consult a psychologist.

Besides, addressing psychological help may help to develop the communicational habit as, based on the current assessment, I find it difficult to manage different communicational situations. I would like to improve my behavior in order to reach better effects in my personal life, specifically when asking for a date in case if I like someone.

Concerning the sleeping habit, the assessment results have demonstrated that the habit is within the norm in my case. However, I sometimes doze off in my last class of the day, which is the only problem to be solved. Consultation with a health care provider regarding sleep deprivation is not needed. However, I would like to improve my sleeping behavior using good tools to get asleep, namely relaxation music, SPA, fresh air, etc.

Good sleeping depends on the reduced stress factors that I can achieve with the help of a psychologist on the matter of improving my physical and mental sustainability training fitness and stress reducing relaxation techniques in the urban areas. I need to work on my reactions to failures in academic performance (failed exams) and money matters (change of the financial status). At the same time, the improvement of mental health is needed regarding showing love to others, taking time to have fun or reflect on my actions or behavior.

Adequate reflection depends on the improvement of my spiritual experience concerning diminishing fear and stress factors, praying/meditating daily, etc. It will help to reach balance and harmony with the natural environment and the way I feel and understand myself. Besides, it will help to define my role in the community. Changes in the way of thinking will help to modify my behavior for better to get personal awareness of the significance of my life mission.

In conclusion, after the assessment questionnaires, I have realized that my spiritual, psychological, and physical health is sufficient in leading high quality life. To achieve a better effect, I need to learn how to express my feelings (love, anger, fear, compassion, repentance, etc.) directly to people as well as be open-hearted and open-minded to new suggestions of others regarding my lifestyle. Moreover, I want to try to be more honest with people with whom I have to communicate, specifically if they hold a higher position than I do. To improve my personal life, I need to become more open when sharing my interests, sexual fantasies or daily life events with my partner. These considerations will help me to be healthier and lead a quality lifestyle.


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