Hungama And Flipkart Collaborated to Offer Premium Subscriptions

This article is about the recent collaboration of Hungama Services and Flipkart which also provided many premium offers to the users.

Flipkart and Hungama have in collaboration, brought an excellent surprise for you! They have partnered together to bring in the premium version of Hungama which can be bought by Flipkart users by their earned super coins. By purchasing this subscription, you can get free access to Hungama play and the Hungama Music. But you need to become a member of Flipkart plus to redeem the super coins for future usage. 

You will be benefitted by taking this subscription because Hungama music is offering over 10 million international songs and music videos in over 20 languages across the globe. You will be getting your own customised playlist, online radio of famous singers and podcasts with original content of every type. Also, if you are a pro member, you can visualise all the materials in HD quality. You can download as many videos and songs you want, that too, for free! 

You will also get access to the Hungama play which consists of a library of about 5000 movies both in English and Hindi and even in regional languages. Over 1,50,000 videos with original content, some 7,500 hours of content for the children to enjoy the shows and innumerable short films, this dual offer is undoubtedly a steal! 

You need not burn a hole in your pocket to pay for purchasing this subscription. All you will need is to pay 100 super coins to get the Hungama music pro subscription for a year and 200 super coins to acquire the pro-form of Hungama play for a year. If you are not a Flipkart plus member, you can still buy the package of Hungama pro subscription with 50 super coins, but your validity will be of three months each. 

Flipkart and Hungama both wanted to make the shopping experience rewarding for the customers so that they can shop more for a common interest now and here comes the collaboration. Hungama has so much to offer to people of all ages and addressing the burning social issues with original content. This makes the shoppers more intrigued to buy the subscription package, especially at such a low payment policy with no real money being flown out from their pockets. 

All Hungama pro subscription is aiming at is to create a loyal fanbase and to bring them under one roof. The team promises to provide the customer with a good taste of the digital experience to fulfil their thirst for which they actually will subscribe to Hungama program. 

“At Hungama, we have always believed in creating enriching experiences for our users. We were the first in the industry to gamify streaming and create an innovative loyalty program of our own called Hungama Rewards. This program rewards users for every action they take on our music and video platforms allowing them to exchange the coins earned for exciting physical merchandise and digital experiences. Our partnership with Flipkart leverages natural synergies between the two programs and takes our commitment to gamification a step further while making shopping a rewarding experience for their users,” said Siddhartha Roy, COO, Hungama Digital Media.

Though both Flipkart and Hungama do have business propaganda behind the whole collaboration; to increase individual profit numbers of both the groups. But the deal they have brought in to the market is something that will be well accepted by the masses. Who does not want to watch free movies, live streaming or hear their favourite music without spending much money?

If you are a film lover and you can not imagine your day without listening to music, ypu can easily purchase the subscription and enjoy both shopping and entertainment! 

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