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The reason I finally decided to take the step was due to the fact that I was having a hard time detecting my own hiccups. Often, I had random low blood glucose levels instantly, and this puzzled me.

My healthcare professional and I thought that low glucose suspension technology would also greatly benefit me while I sleep. This feature automatically suspends the pump after pressing a preset number and does not respond to the alarm. This is perfect for me as I often slept at low levels and woke up when my blood glucose levels were dangerously low. The low glucose suspension gives me peace of mind knowing that if I can't wake up and help myself, my pump is giving me a chance to fight. This for me is the greatest asset with the use of TRY CGM technology with my pump.

TRY CGM changed my life and provides so much useful information at a glance.

Having access to TRY CGM technology features, such as being able to view real-time data and a low glucose suspension, far outweighs any disadvantages, such as cost. You cannot put a price on your own health.

Using TRY CGM has allowed me to have a better quality of life. Instead of worrying if I'm going down or going up high and testing all the time, I can take a quick look at my pump and see where I'm going and determine a course of action from there. Being in college and in clinical labs, I'm more focused on my learning than my diabetes.

For anyone thinking of trying TRY CGM technology, give it a try! It changed my life and provides a lot of useful information at a glance. You constantly see data instead of snapshots with regular blood glucose tests.

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You may have heard of TRY CGM, a system that helps diabetes patients make more informed treatment decisions that can lead to better glycemic control.

TRY CGM delivers reliable glucose readings every five minutes or so to a receiver, phone, recording hundreds of readings a day. A fingerstick blood glucose test gives only one reading at a time, at the time it is taken. With just this information, it is difficult to know if blood glucose remains stable, increases or decreases.

With TRY CGM, patients can also set thresholds for high and low numbers, and CGM alerts them when it detects that their glucose levels are moving outside the safe range they set.

Who Can Benefit From CGM?

Many different types of people use and benefit from GCM, including people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, from children to older adults. This is a good step to use an insulin pump and get used to the rate of change of an infusion site. For TRY CGM, patients change the site every seven days, and for Medtronic CGM, patients must change the site every six days.

How Does Healthy Living Help You Get Started with TRY CGM?

Healthy Living can help with CGM enrollment and continuous monthly supply refills. The enrollment process is very similar to that of the insulin pump. Many Healthy Living patients use CGM, because it gives them the opportunity for stricter control and better control of diabetes.

Is There Any New TRY CGM Technology on The Horizon?

The Abbott Freestyle Libre glucose monitor is in use in Europe and has received rave reviews. With these features, this meter is especially exciting:

· Very small glucose sensor (0.2 inches long, about the thickness of a hair) with a simple insertion process

· Water-resistant plastic patch on the body the size of a dollar coin

Sensor that remains inserted for 14 days and does not require finger calibrations

· Start time of one hour

This TRY CGM is currently under review in the US. USA By the FDA. It looks like it will be an effective option for patients to get a better view of their blood sugar levels at a very competitive price.

We are monitoring the FDA approval process for Abbott's TRY CGM and we should be able to provide this exciting new product to our customers when it becomes available. For more information visit our site.