Improvised Self Defense Weapons

Improvised Self Defense Weapons

Improvised Self Defense Weapons: How Two Regular Objects Can Save Your LifeHaving the upper hand is the secret to surviving any conflict.  The perfect way to achieve the upperhand in a self defense situation is to start using a weapon. Brass Knuckles Jack Herer Cartridge  Don't limit yourself to the typical weapons like knives and guns.  

The majority of people do not carry either of them on a daily basis.  That you don't need to carry a knife or gun so as to have effective self defense weapon at your disposal.Here are just two highly effective, street known, improvised weapons that lots of people carry every day.Improvised Self Defense Weapon Number 1: KeysEvery one conveys keys every day.  A great deal of people use their keys to open boxes in case they don't really have a scissors or knife, but were you aware that keys make great improved brass knuckles too. Just support the ring on your hands and arrange the keys that a couple of them are sticking out directly between your fingers.  Viola instant brass knuckles!One key will work just fine but a few is way better.  Go ahead, hit in your pocket and decide to try yourself.  

Test it out by softly punching your own arm.  Yeah you can see how effective this will be.  An experienced street fighter once told me,"metal flesh, metal always wins.The real beauty with this selfdefense technique is that you can get it ready to utilize while your hands remains in your pocket.  Surprise is actually a enormous advantage.  If you run into a situation where you think a individual is going to mug or strike you simply put one hand into your pocket casually and enhance the other one out in a surrender type motion.  This will definitely set the attacker at ease thinking you will be a nice easy target.You need to always try to prevent a physical confrontation or if you don't have anything too valuable just give him your money (remember he could have a far better weapon), but if something you are in real threat and an attack is eminent you can immediately draw out your improvise weapon and attack.It's going to draw blood and it'll create a great deal of pain.  

Oh, plus it'll most likely frighten the attacker too because he might not understand exactly what just hit him and is causing all that pain.This might possibly not be too common with younger guys, but plenty of men keep a spoonful in their back pocket.  That comb could be one hell of a good improvised weapon.  This really isn't a dumb tip that never works.  I experienced several military trained high level security guards (the people who protect visible celebrities and politicians) tell me about it movethey have used this trick you realize it works.You may utilize the comb in several distinct ways.  One of the best methods is to jab with it.  The backbone onto a pocket spoon is really rigid and also a fantastic chance into the throat will probably find an attacker stepping straight back and can drop him into the ground in pain (there is sort of reflex when the throat is struck hard that takes a individual's legs).

  The jab might be used in other goals too enjoy the uterus, the rib cage, even the groin.Another technique would be to rake (or slash) at the attacker with all one's teeth side of this comb.  They often have one large and very rigid tooth on both ends that are great at times flesh and resulting in a lot of pain.  This system is fantastic for the neck, eyes, or back of the head.  The key is that if you proceed quickly, they won't know what exactly is on your hand.  They will likely require it for a knife due to the way you're carrying it out.  Once you rake it upon their throat the stinging pain will probably feel initially like a cut, then his imagination will run crazy throwing the attacker into a fear thinking you have only cut on his throat exposed.Fear and surprise will be the keys to itself defense weapon.

  Your attacker will be caught off guard and diverted giving you time to flee or otherwise stop the attack.Secret to Improvised Self Defense Weapons:Improvised self defense weapons are only useful once you take out them every day.  The key is learning a couple of weapons really well and carrying them every single day and that means you are always ready.It's also advisable to not forget to improvise by yourself.  In virtually any self defense situation you should be on the lookout for just about any advantage you may take.  Do not limit yourself to what you have heard others talk about or say.  Sure it is best to have a plan and a weapon you like and also know how to work with, however also the key to success would be thinking on your own feet

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