Auqa planning in the Rainy Season

In the rainy season, you should know what aquaplaning is and how to avoid it

In our country, this phenomenon is even more dangerous, since the construction of high-speed roads and highways often leaves puddles and water settlements.

In times of rain, it is one of the most feared phenomena onboard a vehicle, which can make us lose total control of our car in a couple of seconds. Is there a way to combat it? Now we tell you but wait, have we told you about a used Subaru Levorg for sale in New Zealand 2018 model at an affordable price on Auto for Trade.

What is it?

This phenomenon is so named because of its natural reaction with the car, water, and pavement. It consists of the gradual loss of contact between the tire and the pavement due to the settling of water in it. The problem occurs when the tires are not able to evacuate the water that is on the pavement, the wheel detaches from its contact area, and leaves the vehicle without direction. As we increase speed, the tread of our tires loses the ability to evacuate water, which is why it is so difficult to drive on the road with puddles and abundant water on the pavement.

What can we do to prevent it?

We definitely cannot control the amount of water on the pavement, but we can control the speed at which we drive. The faster we go, the more difficult it is for our tires to dislodge the water, so the most important advice we can give you is that when it starts to rain heavily, reduce your speed to a level that is safe and controllable. Another good way to avoid aquaplaning is to keep our tires in shape. If tires in good condition can be prone to extreme conditions, those that do not become more dangerous. In case the wheels of our vehicle lose contact, we have to forget about touching the brake pedal and making sudden movements in the direction. Normally, any movement on the steering wheel and brakes will take us off the road. What you should do is decelerate while holding the steering wheel firmly. Also, remember that nerves are counterproductive. A cool head, slow down, and hold the steering wheel firmly to maintain trajectory.

When are we more prone to aquaplaning?

The tires are the ones that have the greatest weight in this phenomenon. Unbelievably, wide tires are the ones most likely to suffer from this unwanted physical problem. On the other hand, thinner tires will be able to go through these puddles easier, cutting them as if it were a laser. Also, worn wheels without the necessary depth in the tread will have the highest accident rate. It is important that you take care of this factor and maintain a good level of depth in the channels of your tires. Lastly, weight is one of the most important and least considered problems. If your car is light and small it is easier for it to lose control, on the other hand, if your car is heavier, the possibility of this phenomenon occurring is less. So if your vehicle is small or lightly loaded, you should exercise your senses and drive at low speeds.

Avoid glare

They can be caused by other vehicles or the sun, but glare can temporarily blind us and be very dangerous, as it can lose your way and cause an accident. In case we do not have electrochromic mirrors in our car, if another vehicle dazzles us, we must try not to look directly at the light source, directing our eyes towards some reference, such as the marking of the streets that allows us to circulate carefully. However, it is just as important not to dazzle other drivers, within cities, it is almost never necessary to use the high beams of our car, and changing the type of lighting of our vehicle can not only void the warranty but can be a security risk.

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