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Industrial Use - Why You Need an N95 Mask

An N95 mask is an often-used, short-name acronym for an N95 mask, a protective airway protection device that satisfies the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for protecting the air that we breathe.

An N95 mask is an often-used, short-name acronym for an N95 mask, a protective airway protection device that satisfies the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for protecting the air that we breathe. An N95 mask is used in the workplace and at school. For example, schools must allow their children to wear masks that meet the EPA-standard. An N95 mask also is required for those who work in hazardous occupations. A more common use of an N95 mask is as a "spacer" worn by someone in a seated position that cannot be seen over the top of a regular mask. (For example, a nurse or other healthcare professional may have a mask on while performing chest compressions.)

One major benefit of the N95 mask is its ability to prevent dust particles from entering the lungs. Many people spend a lot of time outside and rarely breathe in dust particles, even when inside buildings that are cleaned regularly. A clean environment helps to reduce the risks of illness and allergy attacks. Even when inside buildings where people are extremely careful to keep their respiratory infections and allergies at bay, dust particles can still enter the lungs through the breathing air stream when a person is working in a dusty environment. An N95 mask provides excellent protection against this type of exposure and will help to keep your family healthy and safe.

The material used and the custom fitting of these masks

While these N95 masks are made of many different materials, none offer the level of comfort and breathing control that comes from a custom-fitted or custom fit N95 mask. Custom fitted N95 masks are often made with specially shaped holes on the surface and are designed to fit the nose and mouth perfectly. This allows for easy and quick fitting, as well as full ventilation of all areas of the head and face. Custom-fitted masks are far superior to the thin "neck" style of masks offered by most manufacturers.

The comfort provided by a custom-fitted and custom fit N95 masks and face covers far outweighs the lower costs that come with them. They offer the utmost in N95 protection, as well as the comfort and fit most individuals need. With the advances in medical technology that have improved over the years, it is becoming more common for medical professionals to recommend the use of one of these N95 respirators and face coverings rather than thinner face masks.

Another group of people who would benefit from the N95 mask would be those who work in industries that require them to wear a tight seal around their faces. Tightening the seal around the head allows for better air circulation over the skull and hence, allows less chance of infections. The tight seal around the face allows for increased airflow as well, thus providing a more comfortable experience. Since it is necessary for the N95 masks to meet certain standards, there is an ongoing regulatory body in a place called The National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

As part of this ongoing research and standardization effort, the N95 masks must meet certain quality standards set by the organization. For example, the tight seal around the head feature in the SPAS style of the mask is required by NIOSH and it must have a design that is airtight and can be sufficiently resistant to abrasion dan distortion. As one might expect, there are some minor differences in the design of these N95 masks between the various manufacturers. However, all of the products in the SPAS series conform to the highest quality standards available.

For industrial use, thick fiberglass is typically the preferred material for a disposable N95 respirator or face coverings. Fiberglass is stronger, has better resistance to abrasion, and is much more lightweight and more comfortable for the long hours of work that industrial N95 respirators require. The heavy-duty variety is also used for applications where ozone is a concern. Industrial grade fibers are stronger and last longer than any other man-made fiber, as well as offering more protection against ozone and other chemical contaminants. Today's N95 masks and respirators provide the highest level of protection available to healthcare workers and people in other industries who may be exposed to hazardous conditions. If someone is looking forward to buying these masks then they must check out the nearby retail stores and pharmacies. In addition, one can also check out various websites like accumed.com to order these masks.


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