Insight About Needlepunch Geotextile

When it comes to the geotextiles, the success of your company depends on the knowledge of the production as well as manufacturing of this fabric. Needlepunch geotextile from Rajdhani Syntex guarantees a constant high-quality geotextile at an affordable rate. Before you read more about this geotextile, first you need to know what actually is needle punching and what are its characteristics.

What is Needle Punching?

It is a physical method of mechanically interlocking the fibres webs by using the barbed needles to reposition some fibres from the horizontal to the vertical orientation is needle punching. You will be amazed to know thousands of needles will interlock fibers in a web.

Basic Principle of Needle Punching

A needlepunch nonwoven fabric is made from the webs of fibers in which some fibers are driven upward or downward by the barbed needles. This needling action will interlock the fibers and will hold the structure together by using the friction forces. The binding point in these fabrics is the set of fibers that have various orientation and are bonded by the friction forces.

Characteristics of the Needle Punched Nonwovens Fabric

Usually, the essential characteristics of the needlepunch geotextile in India include the degree of felt compression, strength-elongation ratio as well as the permeability characteristics.

  • Longer fibre lengths mean higher strength, less air permeability and higher felt density.
  • Finer fibres results in the smaller felt thickness and lower air permeability.
  • Higher crimp means higher tear resistance, elongation, and better dimensional stability of the needle felts.
  • The characteristics and structure of the needle felts depends on the web structure as well as the area mass. Say, for example, the machine-oriented web has high strength in the longitudinal direction, and predominantly cross-oriented webs have high strength in the cross direction.
  • The web area mass is known to have a significant influence on air permeability.

Application of The Needle Punched Material

  • Geotextiles

It can be used in the construction of road and railway construction, roofing felts, drain felts, shore protection, dams, and reinforcing felts.

  • Automotive fabrics

It can be even used in the manufacturing of headliners, door trim, carpets, insulation felts, parcel shelves, and moulded components,

  • Home

Needle punch material found its use in the manufacturing of carpets, decor felts, wall coverings, blankets and wipes.

  • Synthetic Leather

These materials also found their application in the production of automotive and upholstery industry, shoe, bags, luggage, and sports goods.

  • Clothing and Furniture

One can use needle punching material in the mattresses, Shoulder pads and waddings.

  • Other Usage

Can be used as the filters for the gases and liquids. It can be used as the polishing, abrasive, and mineral fiber felts.

Needle-Punched Non-Woven Geotextiles

These are usually made from the polypropylene fibres which are tangled together by using a needle-punching process. The fibres can be made in continuous or in the short lengths, and these fibers achieve their strength by interlocking. You should know that the Needle-punched non-woven Geotextiles is known for its excellent rate of water flow. These are even used in the filtration of the soil fines for drainage applications which also include trench drains, wrapping for the perforated pipe, erosion protection, as well as the creation of prefabricated drains. They are commonly used with the geo-membranes for providing a protective cushion. However, the primary usage of the Needle-punched non-woven bags is in applications like filtration, separation, protection and drainage.

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