Instant solutions with marriage prediction for free

Get a free marriage horoscope & marriage prediction report from the best astrologer for marriage prediction with bonus tips to a healthy life.

Get a free marriage horoscope & marriage prediction report from the best astrologer for marriage prediction with bonus tips to a healthy life.

Why will I predict my marriage? When will I get married astrology prediction free? Many questions as such we face on daily basis. Prediction for marriage is a very old and maintained practice by which a healthy relationship is measured and not only measured the problems that may arise are predicted and solutions to it are created and implemented simultaneously. We will discuss all marriage problems, disturbances that may arise, solutions, remedies, and all other related details.

Application of marriage horoscope

A marriage horoscope is taken to very vital before marriage. Our horoscope is considered to be the framework of our whole life structure it includes all details about our previous life and current life as well. Free marriage horoscope is nothing but the chart which contains placements of planets in houses. These are placed as per the position of the planets while the birth date, birth time, and birthplace are taken into consideration.

There are some planets which are suitable for marriage and some are not, just like them the houses are too suitable and unsuitable as well. Venus and the 7th house are considered to be the best combination for the marriage. 

Types of marriage for healthy future

Many peoples are really unknown about their marriage life whether it is to be a love or arranged marriage. Not to worry with love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online service you will get instant results from our best astrologer for marriage prediction. You may think that it is in our hands whether we will be in love or arranged marriage but no it all depends on the planetary positions and respective houses synchronization.

Some planets which are favorable for love marriage are Rahu, Venus, and Ketu. Jupiter, Saturn, and Sun are favorable for the arranged marriage. The 5th house is good for love marriage and the 7th house is for arranged marriage as well.

Doshas arise during the marriage

Many problems you may face in your life but there are some uncertain problems that may arise due to your marriage horoscope by date of birth. Some Doshas arise while accurate marriage prediction which is needed to be solved as soon as possible else it may be life-taking as well. Some pujas provided by us are depicted below:

  • Manglik Doshas nivaran puja: If the planet mars are placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the natal chart then it is known to be Manglik dosha. The person who has this issue in the horoscope is termed Manglik. 
  • Maa katyani puja: Maa katyani vrat is a very powerful vrat it is mentioned in the Bhagwatgita Granth as well. It is mainly practiced in the margashir month of the year. By this, the late marriage problem is solved.
  • Shiva Parvati puja: Shiva parbati puja is performed for early marriage. By worshiping Lord Shiva and maa Parvati for somedays regular practice you will get the solution.
  • Sukra puja: As you know Venus is considered to be the benefic planet for marriage and its misplacement may hamper the whole marriage life so to keep the Venus planet in its positive position sukra puja is taken into consideration.

Second marriage prospective

Second marriage is now very trendy in India as of foreign countries. Peoples get separated and get divorced which not only affect their lives but also the whole family brought to disaster as well. The same goes for second marriage and face the same problem again. Second marriage is not that easy but it also contains some relevance with the horoscope as well. As per the second marriage prediction free service, 2nd house of the horoscope is considered to be the important house that enhances for second marriage.


Other than these issues you can get your marriage age by marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service with just a click. For any further questions be free to contact our astrologers. Call: +91 9776190123 or visit:

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