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Insulated Tool Kits For Electric Vehicle Mechanics

Applying insulated tools is not a fixed option or a common priority for electric vehicle mechanics.

Applying insulated tools is not a fixed option or a common priority for electric vehicle mechanics. It is though obvious for technicians who work on a hybrid vehicle or electric vehicle to usually apply insulated tools. An insulated spanner should be a primary part of any mechanic or technician’s equipment kit, especially because of the enhancing electric vehicles figure on the road. Getting access to these equipment assures that any task can be undertaken safely and finished in a professional way. 

Are you an electric vehicle mechanic? Did you get all the required equipment to protect against the electrocution risks from any electric vehicles?  If not, then we must suggest you stay with us for understanding the importance of insulated spanner kits for electric vehicle repairing and making. 

One thing mechanics should remember they must be cautious at the time if working on electric vehicles because these vehicles are comprised of high-voltage electric motor and gasoline motor. This electric motor vehicle works on high voltages of 500 volts, which is eight times greater than any lethal voltage. So always be ready! Don’t get panic about ‘what ifs’ at the time of repairing these hybrid motor vehicles. 

All insulated spanners are evaluated for subjection up to 1000VAC and tested in a non-conductive way at 10,000VAC. These spanners meet or excel recent ASTM F1505-07 and IEC 900 Standards for insulated toolkits. These types of equipment will support you to adopt with NFPA 70E and OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart S.  

In order to observe with NF PA 70E and OSHA 1910.333, insulated hand tools should be applied. An entire insulated spanners program must be in place to reach these standards. The insulating equipment applied is flame blockage and impact resistant. These two-color helps mechanics to inspect thing easily that also add extra overall safety. If you can see the yellow under layer, then it can be said this tool might no longer be insulated and then you must allow it for electrical retesting. 

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You can also check IEC 900 Standard for insulated spanners and exceed current ASTM F1505-07 Standards for insulated had toolkits. However, in the end, we can say electric vehicle making and repairing both involve multiple risk factors. Hence, we want to suggest every mechanic to be cautious whenever they work on an electric motor vehicle or any other hybrid motor vehicle. They should consider these insulated hand toolkits for accomplishing safe and professional work.  


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