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Is Accidental Damage Protection Covered Under OnePlus Phone Insurance?

What is covered under the accidental damage protection policy? With OnePlus accidental damage protection cover, users can ensure that their mobile handset remains insured and they need not forego a considerable amount in case of the phone’s damage.


According to a report, Oneplus led the Indian market with a share of 29% in the second quarter of 2020. These statistics indicate the rising popularity of this mobile brand despite its price range being on the higher side. Hence, it becomes imperative for its users to avail OnePlus insurance plan to safeguard this smartphone from any unforeseen damage.

With OnePlus accidental damage protection cover, users can ensure that their mobile handset remains insured and they need not forego a considerable amount in case of the phone’s damage.

What is covered under the accidental damage protection policy?

Repairing a damaged mobile phone may require a hefty amount that can exhaust your savings to a great extent. On the other hand, smartphones are also prone to damages due to several reasons. In most of the cases, the mobile screens are primarily vulnerable due to these accidents.

Moreover, replacing or repairing an OnePlus mobile screen can often get delayed due to shortage of funds. In this regard, Bajaj Finserv offers Fonesafe Mobile Screen Protection policy under Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions that can prove to be a real saviour in terms of providing accidental damage cover. Following are the coverage benefits that one can avail under the OnePlus damage protection policy. 

  • Accidental damage protection

The OnePlus insurance plan comes with an accidental damage protection benefit that covers the expenses incurred due to the damage of the mobile screen only. Availing a OnePlus protection plan can thus help save considerably on the cost involved in such damage repair.

  • Breakdown cover

The mobile screen can get damaged due to several reasons, for example, accidental dropping due to robbery. However, the mobile screen damage due to mechanical or electrical glitches is common too. In such cases, OnePlus phone insurance policies can save a considerable amount by reimbursing such costs incurred in the process of restoring such damage.

  • Device security

Top insurance companies also extend anti-virus and anti-malware protection with their OnePlus mobile insurance policy. Installing a security app provided by the insurer, you can thus ascertain the security of your phone. It can also effectively lower the chances of online fraud and cyber theft.

However, in all cases, individuals need to know that the offered coverage does not exceed the invoice price of the mobile itself. 

How to apply for a mobile screen insurance plan?

A mobile protection plan is one of the types of insurance every millennial should get, including an insurance policy for mobile accessories like the mobile charger insurance plan. Further, while it provides excellent coverage against any damage caused to mobile phones, the application process is hassle-free as well. Following is the step-by-step process to apply for such a plan. 

Step 1: First, you need to fill-up the online application form by entering some necessary credentials like name, mobile number, IMEI number, and others. 

Step 2: You will receive an OTP sent to your mobile number to authenticate the purchase.

Step 3: Once that is done, you can make the payment online using any online transaction mode. 

Nonetheless, you need to pay the premium online as well to complete policy purchase.

Claim procedure for OnePlus phone insurance

Along with the available process for the OnePlus screen insurance policy, individuals should also acquire knowledge about how to claim it. Almost all the insurance companies allow the insured beneficiaries to claim their insurance online. All they have to do is make a call to the given number or write an email to the email id specifically allotted for such a claim.

Further, individuals must also plan for wider coverage by insuring other electronic devices and their accessories. The likes of a laptop charger insurance plan can thus be of significant use during any related malfunction.

Thus, besides knowing about the OnePlus insurance plan, it is also equally necessary to become aware of how to file an insurance claim easily. It thus later saves a lot of time, and you can remain stress-free in case your phone gets damaged accidentally.


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