Portable Air Conditioner

Is it worthy to purchase Portable Air Conditioner this Summer?

Among Window AC, Split Ac and Portable AC, which kind of Air Conditioner would be best to buy this year?

Pollution and global warming has been root reason behind the hike in temperature this year. High temperature opened doors for Air Conditioning Market. And there is good increment in terms of sales compared to previous year. But strangely buyers have new taste and they are preferring Portable Air Conditioners over Split Air Conditioner and Window Air Conditioner.

Air Conditioners are three types: Split Air Conditioner, Window Air Conditioner and Portable Air Conditioner.

Cons of Window AC and Split AC has become prime reason behind good Portable AC sales. Earlier Window Air Conditioner was popular among electronic appliance buyers. It was easy to fit in the window. If no window is there then window space for Window AC is must to be made. This used to invite extra expenses. Therefore when Split AC came into the market, it stopped this kind of extra expense. Because split ac is easily mounted on the wall. It has extra unit also known outdoor unit (The main compressor) is placed outside the house. The only problem with split ac is its drainage system. If the water fail to drain out then it will leak inside the house.

Therefore in portable AC, both issues has solved. It is easy to shift, install and can be moved to new place. It has no water leakage issue. It does not require any mounting! It is similar to air cooler. You can move around. The price of portable ac is quite nearly to split ac or window ac. Portable ac are light weight.

Air Conditioner - Buying Guide


The first thing we must notice is the capacity of the air conditioner. 1 ton split ac can cool a room in 15 minutes. Where as 2 ton split ac can cool the same room in less than 7 minutes. So the price also differs accordingly. 

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity is measured in the units of watts. It determines the amount power the split air conditioner is going to consume. Larger cooling capacity provides quicker cooling capabilities but also consumes large amount of electricity. 1000 watt cooling capacity split air conditioner will be suitable for medium size room. 

Star Rating

One of the rating that determines the quality of a split air conditioner is the star rating system. Star rating system is used to define the energy efficiency of an electric appliance. How efficient is the electric appliance in terms of energy consumption. The minimum rating is 1 and the maximum rating is 5. 1 star rated split ac is less energy efficient compared to 5 star rated split ac. So mind it, the price of 1 star rated split ac is less compared to 5 star rated split ac. 

Types of Air conditioners

Mainly three types of air conditioners are available in the market. Window AC, Split AC, and Portable AC. 

Window AC: This kind of air conditioner is mounted through the window with proper insulation. 

Split AC: This kind of air conditioner is mounted on the wall of the room. This kind of AC also need its outer unit (which extracts the hot air from the room) out side of the home. 

Portable AC: Portable AC, as name says; AC which can be moved anywhere and no installation is required. 

This Portable Air Conditioner is one of the best sellers in India. It has a cooling capacity of 3200 watts. (Note: The power of any electronic device is measured in terms of watt. The symbol to denote watt is 'W'). The compressor capacity of this air conditioner is 1 ton.

Portable Airconditioners are trending these days. As the name says, portable air conditioner are easy to carry anywhere and is extremely easy to install. It is similar to air cooler but lesser in size and equivalent to any split ac and window ac. Unlike split ac and window ac, here you dont need to mount on the wall or in the window. If you have space to keep a simple table fan then you can easily keep portable air conditioner around the corner. The only demerit we realised is its price. It is bit expensive than split ac or window ac with same configuration.

Blue Star 1 Ton 0 Star Portable AC has star rating of 0 ⭐ . This model is from top reputed brand Blue Star

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