Is overbite getting worse with braces?

Your dentist might have told you that you need to go see an orthodontist for an overbite.

Your dentist might have told you that you need to go see an orthodontist for an overbite. When you get your braces off there will be a slight overbite which is not common usually. The amount of overbite before and after braces depending on you, to treat it or not. You have another option of having braces again and correct the overbite.


A slight overbite after braces


A healthy bite actually has a slight overbite component to it, you have to note that thing. Where the bottom and top teeth don’t match exactly, the size of this is between 1-2 mm usually.


The alternative of overbite is expensive and invasive jaw surgery. You still have a slight overbite when you get the braces off. Without surgery, modern technologies made it possible to correct an overbite. Because sometimes braces and elastics have limits on what they can correct. For some people, surgery is the only option. Your jaw will need several weeks to heal before you can get your braces on. By making major alignment adjustments it might take care of your overbite. Many people dont considered surgery as an option because it is a very costly treatment. This is why you might have overbite after braces.


Overbite before and after


Your teeth will certainly drift if you don’t wear your retainers after the braces came off. Your teeth are anchored by ligaments because your jaw is a complex matrix, not a bone. This matrix has not finished yet setting around your teeth after you have gotten your braces off. Your teeth may drift back to the position before you had braces due to the contraction of ligaments.


To bring teeth into proper alignment, you might be able in getting a new retainer. This will help the teeth to get back into proper alignment. But this is possible in the case if they haven’t drifted too far. If you get braces at a young age without any treatment then it might possible that your overbite may return. The jaw will take its final adult size causes an overbite sometimes rather than the movement of teeth.


You have to consult your orthodontist for a better treatment plan. To analyze the condition of an overbite, an X-ray will be needed to see the condition of your jaw and teeth. The situation of your overbite gets clear by this X-ray. Your orthodontist will recommend that you need braces for overbite before and after. It is not compulsory that you need braces for an overbite. To make braces work correctly, your jaw bone needs good density. Your braces making will be decided by your orthodontist. Your orthodontist makes an impression of your teeth to make a plaster cast if you are a good candidate for braces. To craft the aligners for your teeth this cast is important. As well as in making a braces plan for you, this cast will play an important role.


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