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Anika Tech Support managed by a team of professionals utilizing a combined 20+ years of experience in IT support London and Managed IT services Focusing on Proactive support, continuity, growth and development. We are a forward thinking IT Company who support public and private sector using the latest tech as a driving force for our client’s success.

Emergency IT Support? Are you experiencing an unexpected problem? You suddenly deleted your files or even Oracle database and not sure what to do? Do you need immediate assistance and not sure where to turn.

Are you experiencing a real IT emergency?

What you need is Anika Tech Support emergency support service. With this, we guarantee that you will solve your problems as quickly as possible. Just call us, and we will advise you on the best course of action to get your issues resolved as fast as possible.

For years, we have provided technical assistance to different companies, solving severe problems in almost all possible IT areas. We have the skills, knowledge, and experiences to resolve your IT problems in the correct manner we will support you as quickly as possible in an IT emergency. Call us today!

Anika Tech Support will support you at all times in case of any IT damage. We will help you and solve the problem so that you can continue your day to day business. In the case of emergency IT issues, we will assist as fast as possible and provide you with the speed and quality service that your business deserves. Our Emergency Service will always be available to you, and this does not require any obligation. Just feel free to contact us.

Emergency IT Support

Anika Tech Support emergency service fixes the problem immediately when you face difficulties.

You’re working on an important project, or you have to access to difficult company files. However, you can’t wait until the next business day or a weekend; Then Anika Tech Support will make it super easy to get reliable and fast emergency IT support within quick time. Whether you need system upgrades, simple software, helpdesk support or service, or something serious just like fast server maintenance, we are here to help you.

Local Emergency IT Assistance

If you are facing unexpected IT Problems which is crippling your business, then we can provide Emergency IT professionals to get you up and running as fast as possible.

With the years of experiences, we have the in-house skills, knowledge, resources, and expertise which are necessary to resolve your IT Emergency efficiently and quickly.

Our Support engineers are experts at quickly detecting and resolving the Complex technical issues.

Most of the emergency IT problems can be remotely resolved. Besides, if onsite assistance is needed, an Engineer will be appointed to your site within a short time.

Emergency IT Support

If you have an IT emergency, we are the technician to call.

If you face an IT disaster and your not sure what has gone wrong in your network, you will need an IT expert who can quickly act, find and rectify the issue. Anika Tech Support will work hard to find and resolve any faults and provide a solution for the continuity of your business.

Your business can depend on Anika Tech Support to get the right solution to resolve your IT interruptions. It doesn’t matter when you get an emergency. Just call us and our IT expert will advise on the best support for your emergency.

If you’re not an existing Customer, then don’t threat!

We provide Emergency IT Assistance to those who are non-contracted clients throughout the area. We work on a per-hour rate. There is no obligation to work with us after we’ve provided an emergency assistant. However, many clients have continued to retain our services. Try Us today.


Our Emergency IT Service

When an unexpected hardware and network failure occurs, Anika Tech Support – Emergency IT Support service is available and only a phone call away. We provide IT services including

  • Helpdesk support and service
  • System and Software upgrades
  • Emergency server maintenance
  • Data recovery
  • Hardware support &
  • And much more

Contact Our Emergency IT Specialists Today

Emergency IT Support


Do you need emergency IT support or service for your servers, hardware and network, contact at Anika Tech Support now! Our IT experts are here for you. We are a London based IT service provider that you can fully trust.

This service is for all the brands

IT covers hardware and software technical support for the products of all major information technology manufacturers (IBM, HP (HPE), DELL EMC, VMware, Microsoft, RSA, Symantec, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, Juniper, NetApp, CA, Adobe, PeopleSoft, Baan, JD Edwards, Lenovo, Amdocs, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NEC, Ricoh, Samsung, Toshiba, Xerox, among others).

We are proud of our professionalism, commitment, and responsibility.

Benefits of our services

  • Fast, effective and reliable Emergency IT Support for business. 
  • No Support Contract –  No Problem we offer a pay as you go service aswell.
  • For Business Continuity planing we offer Contractual packages and Service Level Agreements with Monthly Retainers to provided dedicated IT support if the need for emergency it support is required.
  • Emergency IT Support is pay as you go you will only be invoiced for the number of support hours you use.

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