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John Kahen: What You Need to know About Him

Here is the overview of Dr. John Kahen who is a renowned hair transplantation expert in Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic in LA. Read the full article to know more.

John Kahen: What You Need to know About him

Dr. John Kahen is one of the best and renowned hair restoration surgeons who runs a successful hair restoration center in Beverly Hill, California. Dr. John Kahen first started his career as a hair restoration surgeon in 2007. Up to date, he is still a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and has performed numerous hair transplant surgeries that run into their thousands. Dr. John Kahen has completed more than 20 million follicles and is still counting since he started his career as a hair restoration surgeon. 

Head of the Class

Raised and brought up in Southern California, John Kahen was 15 years old when he graduated from high school. He went on to acquire a Bachelor’s degree from the University, Los Angeles (UCLA) of California, majoring in Psychobiology. He graduated from medical school pursuing General Surgery. Dr. John Kahen, later on, received an internship at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital in Manhasset, where he also resided. John Kahen has also had the privilege of working at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City.

Dr. John Kahen never stopped there. He also trained and researched Organ (liver and kidney) transplant surgery at New York University (NYU). 

Dr. John Kahen scored in the top percentile in his examination on his American Board of Surgery during his training. Dr. John Kahen later decided to pursue the field of hair restoration surgery after undergoing severe surgical training. Today, he is among the reputable full-time hair restoration surgeons with a surgical background, practicing hair restoration surgery in Beverly Hills, California. 

John Kahen: A Hair Restoration Inventor and Innovator  What is fascinating about Dr. John Kahen is that he invented communication facilitating hardware and software that worked via the phone to emergency dispatchers back in the 1990s. Once he sold the device, he decided to pursue his passionate career in medicine. 

Dr. John Kahen is also the brains behind SmartPRP. This invention was meant to improve hair restoration outcomes by a big margin. This is done during the hair transplanting process by injecting patented PRP formula into the scalp. PRP or in full, Platelet-rich Plasma therapy is a hair restoration treatment that involves extracting the patient’s plasma and injecting it into his or her scalp. This process allows stimulation of hair follicles to promote growth without surgery. 

Dr John Kahen also played a big role in the initial instrumentation of the Robotic Hair Restoration procedure. This advanced hair restoration technology involves robotic arms used to automate the hair transplant treatment. It is quite effective when precision is needed when extracting and implanting hair follicles into the balding areas of the scalp. Dr. John Kahen was among the first persons to demonstrate how this medical technology works, and he sold a trademark and patent to ARTAS Robot hair restoration company. 

A Renowned and Innovative Surgeon

Dr. John Kahen is one of the most innovative hair transplant surgeons in the world. He has a deep knowledge and experience in the field of hair transplant. Many patients have gained experience for hair transplantation under his consultation and were able to gain excellent results. His SmartPRP method is an innovative method in hair transplantation to restore hair safely. You can trust him if you are a hair loss patient that wants to regain the nice old hair on your head.


Dr. John Kahen offers the best of what he does, and that is professional hair restoration surgery. He won the “Aesthetic Award” for three years in a row, and all these achievements make Dr. John Kahen one of the most sought after hair restoration surgeons in the world.



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