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Joomeo: Storage And Sharing Of Photographs Simple And Inexpensive.

The third technique is for mobile users. Joomeo needs the transfer of graphics from smartphones. the applying is intended for all 3 OS (iOS, the robot in conjunction with Windows movable ). I tested it in the robot, RAS.

It has been some time since I have presented a remedy for Publishing and sharing images. Once Piwigo, I advise you to detect Joomeo, a solution to storage and sharing basic and inexpensive.


Where other competitions are more publishing-oriented, Joomeo Offers an agency centered on sharing and storing videos and photos online. Three suppliers are all available: Basic (free), Concentrate ($ 4.90 / month) and Dynamic ($ 8.90 / 30 days ).

Joomeo's port

The port is simple, ergonomic and clean. The hyperlinks And albums that comprise the images are ordered on the left and also the photos represented as thumbnails on the suitable aspect. Most importantly we all find the menus (Import, Chat, Publish, and etc...) together with the many choices that seem when the mouse cursor is over. Orbitclippingpath clipping path services provider, Background Removal, pic Retouching Masking, and Image piece of writing services with the simplest value and guarantee.

In the Same Style, data bubbles appear on thumbnails And just click on the small green rectangle to display the dropdown list containing the different alternatives.

In short, it's classic and effective. We're absolutely in Relieve in a couple of minutes and this, anything it's degree in computer science...

For those who want, it is even possible to become familiar with Using the interface more quickly by watching the video clips of 2 3 moments present at the homepage of the website.

Publish your photos

Joomeo Provides a Minimum of four Unique options to let An individual put in the pictures in his personal space:

There is also, Naturally, the Traditional way ie the Import menu At the very best left. We begin by choosing the specified choice ( Import to a new album or Exceptions to the chosen album ) and only signify by which folder will be the graphics to automatically import. Smaller precision: you must initially have created a record before you may import the graphics. This album can subsequently be deposited in a folder (the folders are all not there to allow us to classify and arrange the albums).

The 2nd approach Permits Proprietors of Lightroom, Aperture, or IPhoto (maybe not Apple image Software) to add images straight for their own Joomeo space in their own photo editing program. We get into the plugin on the site and install it onto his PC. I analyzed it from Lightroom plus it performs nickel. It is rather convenient because everything happens within the backdrop. We may also make fresh records straight from Lightroom.

The third method is for mobile users. Joomeo Requires the Download of graphics from smartphones. The application is designed for all three OS (iOS, Android along with Windows mobile phone ). I tested it in Androïd, RAS.

Finally, the last solution is to utilize exactly the Joomeo Desktop Transfer Manager software (Mac, PC, Linux). This software is perfect for anyone who does not possess one of the 3 photo editing software recorded above and so cannot only move their images for the website. This remedy can be excellent for everybody with a massive volume of pics to add or download (it will work both ways). It is thus possible to block the download in advance and also to restart it later with no lack of data. I tested it, it works nickel! (people who do not have fiber would appreciate ).

Joomeo manages several record formats. The Absolutely Free offer allows You to upload pictures in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. It's likewise feasible to download photos in TIFF, Raw or pdf-format provided you contribute to the paid deal Dynamic. I do not reside on movie formats (this isn't the subject with this site ), however, be aware that the site recognizes AVI, MPG, MOV, along with MP4 formats.

Personalize your image gallery

Outside of the color change suggested from the Dynamic pay Supply (that I haven't analyzed ), you will find, to my own knowledge, without any personalization choices.

Storage of photographs

Joomeo permits, through the Completely Free, provide Fundamental, to consume to 2 GB of data and with no Limitation punctually provided not to leave his accounts dormant for at least 6 months. These constraints disappear of course when one adheres to a few of the 2 lending choices.

Finally, take note that Joomeo owns its own servers. This is Something uncommon enough to be underlined (all these are in France).

Sharing photographs

The sharing of photographs Is Quite Straightforward and it's whether to Share his photographs or to see those shared by his relatives (by means of My community window at the bottom left).

Click on the back wheel along with the green triangle beneath the Album brings a menu up. We click on the possibility Share record along with my contacts and all of that remains will be to enter the e-mail addresses of these receivers and also to select the sharing alternatives. The receiver subsequently gets the email containing the connection letting him get into the shared album.

The sharing system Is Extremely Easy and contacts can Easily download or order online prints of those graphics to they have accessibility (Joomeo picked CEWE as the company for the prints). From the number of my family members that had some difficulty figuring out how to upload pics that I made available on Flickr. The answer proposed by Joomeo appears to be far more easy.

This is the strong point of Joomeo: that the consumer Can if he wishes, assign various rights for each and every recipient. Suddenly, this sharing procedure may be a market alternative since the recipient (s) of those pics have the potential (in case the account owner lets it) to add their personal photos within the shared album and never have to be registered onto Joomeo. So, it is very simple to share and federate his close friends around an occasion such as a birthday party, a wedding day, etc... (each visitor bringing his own batch of photographs to the record ).

Apart from sharing solutions are also possible:

Publishing as a slide show,

Photobook production,

The book on facebook.

Lastly, Bear in Mind That the Dynamic Supply Permits you to create your online store with all the chance of attempting to sell prints (untested role in the frame of their writing of this article).

With regard to regrets...

The Basic Provide (totally free ), which until November 20-16 allowed Infinite storage (given it can not transcend 300 MB / 30 days of add ) was drastically lowered to two GB. It is maybe not because of the resolution of their present cameras, so that contrasts with 200 photographs of 10 Mb which is everything.

In the event of consecutive inactivity of 6 weeks on the account (to your completely free deal ), the account and the photographs that go with it can be deleted.

Space is in flash. That really is, in my own estimation, the large Black spot with this deal. This means that it is potentially not readable on tablet computers and also smartphones that don't handle the flash. On the flip side, the good news is the fact that Joomeo is now operating on migration into HTML-5. I am not going to fail to notify you just because the upgrade is operational.

Outside of the change of emblem, it is Impossible to choose And customize its own gallery of graphics (on account of this flash). Two-three different presentations might have been welcome.

The discussing on the Internet over and above the family that obtained The connection via email may simply be a picture from the picture. To share with a whole record on his website, it is perhaps not excellent...


The solution proposed by Joomeo is intriguing for those who choose For among those 2 paying offers. The completely free offer which was appealing and appealing prior to the reversal of general requirements (November 2016) is not so anymore. It is, hence, more to be regarded as an evaluation alternative.

If You're on the Lookout for a Lowcost, easy-to-use solution. Share your pictures and videos on your group of knowledge, Joomeo is for you. Within this circumstance, it is best to select the yearly offer much more attractive compared to the monthly deal (see much bi-annual which lets with an extra reduction of 10%).

It's Additionally a good option for Everybody Searching for an Outsourced storage/backup answer to their images and videos. Within This Circumstance, It is likely to be crucial to subscribe to a number of the paid offers (and notably With all the Dynamic package that delivers the power to spare his photos from Raw or TIFF format ).


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