Laptop Accessories that are Essential for the Lifestyle you always wanted:

There are dozens of laptop accessories that we use in our daily life. But here’s list of few accessories that everyone must have for their daily work.

Laptop Bags:                                                                                                   

Laptop bags are an excellent accessory to carry around your laptop and to keep it safe. If you are looking for one so your low-cost choice can be a padded sleeve from Amazon which is between $5- $7. Or if you are out to spend some money on the accessory then you can even opt for a Belk in Active Pro Messenger bag which is a quite good choice in terms of quality and space. More on it also glows the dark ability along with water resistance, comes in the range of $50.


Laptop Cables:

As we all know, carrying cables and dongles is a complete headache. So you can opt for micro USB portals from Anker which have a long term warranty of 18 months and are at a low cost of mere $5. But if you want to go for a heavier option you can opt for Native Union Cables which have “O-flex” technology for a long term use in the price for about $25.


Touch Sensitive Touch Pads:

You can also opt for a Sensual Morph which is a touch-sensitive touchpad with 20,000 pressurized pads and 32,000 levels of touch sensitivity. It has many options including for music, keyboards, and gaming control. The advantage is that it can be used Bluetooth or plugged in USB and does not require cables. It can cost up to $200.


Laptop Chargers:


Many new laptops charge over a USB, and if you want to opt for something new you can check Anker’s 5 port 60-watt wall chargers which are reliable alternatives to the original ones. It has a technology that detects the fast charging speed of your device. It will cost up to $48.


Hard Drives those are external for your Laptop:

If you want to opt for something like external hard drive then you should try for Seagate Backup plus Slim which serves the purpose ad is USB powered. The drive comes in various sizes such as 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB. The second option for you can be Glyph Studio which performs heavy duty. It can cost up to $64.


Earbuds as your Hearing accessory:

Earbuds are convenient to carry, unlike earphone wires which always tangle, the option you can receive on Amazon are TOZO Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds which are quite cheap and easily available on Amazon. But if you are opting for another heavier option you can also opt for Apple Air Pods but it this only work with Apple devise and cost much more.


If you have ear problems or you are sport person in that case my personal opinion will be best bone conduction headphones. Their ability to let us hear our surrounding make it worth buying & more importantly they don’t damage our ears.


Routers for your Laptop:

There are a variety of Routers available so opting for a genuinely nice one could be a little hard. Here are some options which are easily available on Amazon for your better experience. One you can look for Net gear Nighthawk smart Wi-Fi router which comes at the considerable price of $89 and is quite handy with design. Another option that you can opt for is TPLink WiFi 6 router, 8 streams which is has a unique design and is quite expensive, costs up to $287 but serves a heavy-duty.


Speakers for your Laptop:

If you are looking for the options in the Bluetooth speakers then you can go for JBL speakers for lighter use which will cost you up to $99, you can look into their expensive range if required more intensely which can be about $288. More on the other heavy on pocket options are also available on Amazon which can cost up to $548 like Sons Sub – The wireless subwoofer for the deep bass.


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