Leo Rising Sign

Leo Rising Sign

People with Leo rising sign or Ascendant are charismatic and attract people around them. They would never fail to make an impression on others.

People with Leo rising sign or Ascendant are charismatic and attract people around them. They would never fail to make an impression on others. They are always aware of how they appear and talk to people and their influence on them. They want themselves to be at their best at all times and are focused on what they do, who they are with, and how they are perceived by others. They would always be groomed, even when they are at their homes. They are often short-tempered and could make impulsive decisions. However, they would have a lot of ambition, force, and idealism. They would have a bossy attitude, which could make them good managers or organizers. They also make excellent advertisers and representatives. 

Sometimes, they could overestimate themselves. They are enthusiastic speakers and are usually excited about new tasks. They love grand gestures and could do anything to be admired by others. Leo Ascendants are focused on how they appear and dress in public. They have sense of authority and at the same time are and fun to be with. They could be extremely stubborn and this could be a big problem when they want to get rid of bad habits.  

Leo Ascendant people are open, full of energy, and like to inspire others with their good work. However they could be dominating and egotistic, and also appear aggressive sometimes. They would be self-absorbed and do not like to depend on others. They are creative and prone to overwork and anxiety. They are natural romantics who love nice clothes and surroundings. They are warm, generous people whom people would want to send time with. They are open and talk what’s on their minds. They are more concerned about dressing themselves youthfully, especially when in public. They are very energetic; even when everyone else is tired, they can still encourage and inspire others to do the work.

They could sometimes be manipulative and have a constant hunger for power. They are creative people with skills in music or acting. Their over-indulgence in work could give them heart problems or anxiety. They feel asking for advice is a weakness and never give up on themselves. If you want to know your Rising Sign or Ascendant, and your personality traits based on your Rising Sign, you can check using our Rising Sign Calculator. All you need to do is just enter your birth date, time, and place to know your Rising Sign or Ascendant and your personality traits based on it.

Leo Ascendant Man

A man with Ascendant in Leo sign would be brave, bright, and courageous. He would stand different with his liberal and generous nature. But this could also masked with a selfish approach. Leo Ascendant men are usually bright and strong personalities, influencing others wherever they are and whatever work they do. They are optimistic and put efforts to make their dreams come true.

Leo Ascendant Woman

A woman with Ascendant in Leo sign would usually be attractive in appearance, love long hair and take interest to maintain them. They could easily give in to flattery, like beautiful gifts and generosity. They love adorn themselves with bright clothes and jewelry. They love gold, and the more of it they have, the more comfortable they feel. They want to have a queen-like appearance with an elegant and bright disposition.

Leo Ascendant Child

A child with Ascendant in Leo sign would have great intuition and self-respect. They want to shine and attract others. He/she loves to be in the spotlight. The child would take efforts to be a leader and cannot tolerate negligence. Their character could be aggressive, but intelligent.

Spiritual Interpretation of Leo Ascendant

Leo Ascendants have the power of intuition, expression of desires, thinking ability, leadership, and potential for reproducing things. They would like be creative in the material world and aspire to be at the best on the spiritual side.  They love to experience a variety of things and enjoy interaction with peers. They are good at learning from the experiences of others and reflect them in their energy and actions. This makes them more self-conscious and gives clarity of thought for making timely and intelligent decisions

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