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Lessons from Coronavirus How to Maintain Your Health

Provided below is an infographic from iChoose on how to maintain your health amid the pandemic.

As kids, most Filipinos are constantly reminded by their parents or elders to observe healthy habits to keep physically fit. Eating nutritious food, especially fruits and vegetables; drinking eight glasses of water; taking vitamins; and completing the recommended hours of sleep are some of the notions most Filipinos hear from their families.

Apart from intaking nutritious meals and observing proper sleeping time, another set of health practices includes handwashing. The Happy Birthday song is used beyond birthday parties as the time it takes to sing it is the ideal duration for proper handwashing to ensure all the nooks and crannies are thoroughly cleaned.

Seeing people wearing face masks in public often lets others know that they may be sick or are protecting themselves from inhaling the pollution or germs from outdoors. There was even a debate before regarding the proper way to wear masks. However, not many people observe this practice before the pandemic, and most just cough and sneeze out in the open.

All these things seem so trivial as they have been part of the Filipino culture for the longest time. However, these little notions are now considered the most important factors needed to be observed to avoid contracting the dreaded COVID-19.

The Philippines has been under quarantine for almost half of 2020. Seeing the growing number of positive cases on the news continues to add to the stress of many Filipinos across the country.

Citizens are mandated to follow quarantine protocols for safety and health security strictly. In August 2020, the count for confirmed positive cases has risen to more than 170,000 patients. This figure is quite alarming for many, and most are concerned with how the situation could be handled to diminish the numbers.

In the “new normal” setting, people are prompted to also wear face shields as an added health precaution on top of wearing masks and observing proper sanitation practices. Physical distancing is also implemented as the proximity of people can increase the likelihood of contracting the disease.

As much as possible, citizens should stay at home and avoid going outside unless necessary. However, being cooped up inside the house can be frustrating for some people.

Fatigue caused by prolonged isolation in quarantine periods can take a toll on an individual’s health, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally. This feeling of stress may cause some to develop unhealthy habits or unsound coping mechanisms.

Despite being in quarantine, there still are numerous ways to reduce stress and relax. While some prefer doing physical activities, others opt for a digital escape like watching their favorite series on mobile devices.

Moreover, through the internet and available gadgets, families, and friends can check on each other and keep constant communication. Even under quarantine, there still are ways to stay connected for a much-needed support system.

It is imperative that Filipinos take care of their overall health and welfare, especially during the pandemic. Keeping oneself healthy and physically fit helps boost the immune system to fight off the coronavirus and other common illnesses.

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Citizens need to do their part to keep secure and healthy, even if the quarantine period is still in effect. Provided below is an infographic from iChoose on how to maintain your health amid the pandemic.


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