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Living in a gated community is a style statement today

In the last two decades, Gurgaon, the Millennium city of India, has witnessed multiple such apartment complexes.

Gone are the days when stand-alone residential properties or houses were the craze amongst real estate buyers. Today, the world over, people have transitioned to living in gated communities. All modern and contemporary that you see today in major metropolitan cities in the world are apartments, flats, and condos built with a boundary wall with dedicated entry and exit gates and both gates well-guarded by human beings and technology. This style defines the new way of living, be it New York, Sydney, London, or Gurgaon. 

In the last two decades, Gurgaon, the Millennium city of India, has witnessed multiple such apartment complexes. All these residential projects in Gurgaon are similar in one aspect – they are all gated communities. 

Why this growing dependency on such communities – why have the gated communities become the first choice for modern-day real estate buyers? 

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  1. Growing concern about the safety

As crime rates started to increase, our homes' safety and security became the biggest challenge for homeowners. Investing in advanced technology or hiring trained security guards was not within the means of the common man. Gated communities offers a safe boundary wall with 24 hours security. Today, upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon use multiple security layers that keep unwanted strangers, theieves, burglars, and criminal-minded people well outside the community walls. CCTV cameras, manned gates, RFID gates, intercom, etc., are all different features of a gated community that help improve the place's security. 

  1. Privacy and social life well-balanced

The other aspect of living in an up-market and premium gated community like Ambience Creacions Gurgaon is that your privacy is intact – neighbours and visitors do not just spring up surprises from here and there, and you have your private space. Also, you need to first verify your guests before they are allowed in. So, there is a certain semblance followed, which is best for your me-space. On the other hand, the community organizes events during festivals and occasions that allow residents to interact with one another – you get to know your neighbours, and a sense of familiarity and trust builds in the residents.

  1. Access to innumerable amenities inside

If you are a sports enthusiast, you do not have to travel out to a club to practice. Or, if you are into gyming, the gym is right there within easy reach. Most upscale communities in Gurgaon, like Ambience Creacions Gurgaon, not only have landscaped terrains but have walking trails for your morning and evening walks, parks for kids to play. There are other amenities like swimming pools, gyms, courts for badminton, volleyball, lawn tennis, etc. Some have dedicated space and nets for cricket practice too. Plus, the builders invest in hiring architectural firms that do a pretty good job at landscaping bordered with trees and plants. All of this helps create a pleasant living ecosystem for residents.

Gated communities are the in thing in the residential niche these days. Your little one can go cycling downstairs without you worrying about speeding vehicles. Similarly, for the aged, there is lots of peace all around. The hustle and bustle of the traffic outside the gates does not bother your space in anyways!

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