Living Room Decor Trends to follow in 2019-urban ladder coupons

The living room is our own social space where we enjoy the company of our near & dear ones. Also, we mostly receive & host our guests in a living room, which act as an ambassador of your style.

The living room is our own social space where we enjoy the company of our near & dear ones. Also, we mostly receive & host our guests in a living room, which act as an ambassador of your style. Décor works like a magic to lift your mood & elevate your spirit. Let us see some of the trending décor styles which one has to revamp & adopt in living space in 2019.

A Lamp to Lighten up

We have seen the era of putting lighting solutions on the walls & ceiling. Time has come to bring some light variation using a floor lamp. Be absolutely innovative & experiment with shade colours & lamp styles. If your room has vintage vibes bring a traditional looking lamp to accentuate the overall décor theme. Make sure the position of the lamp is away from the main source of light & covers a relatively dark corner of the room for appropriate highlight. You can get a standing lamp which can be folded & placed on a table as well when you need a little extra space occasionally. Light brings positivity & happiness in your life, make your living space a happy spot & see the magical transition in your life.

A Mirror to Reflect for Good

Getting a big mirror in your living space has multiple implications. First one is the room will surely appear bigger than it actually is. A mirror reflection can visually enlarge the space & bring openness in appearance. Secondly, a carefully chosen framed mirror can act as a master art piece on your lovely walls. One can experiment with various frames & shapes of the mirror. Get a wooden framed mirror for giving a traditional look to the wall. Position the mirror in such a way that it reflects the light sources of the room like a window or a lamp; this will multiply the lighting & brighten the room. Mirrors truly create a magical feel in the case have been properly decorated & appropriately placed. 

A Flowery Curtain to Blossom

We all have curtains in the living room. However, here as a trending tip, we suggest you have curtains with some beautiful & soothing flowery designs. You may choose to go for contrast shades & colourful design in comparison to your wall & rest décor colour-scheme. These trending curtains will gift a blossomy feel to the surrounding & give a permanent freshness of nature. A carefully chosen curtain design can work as a substitute for any wall-art, just because of the amount of area it covers. Make sure the fabric of the curtain is sufficiently thick to serve its primary purpose. Also, we recommend going for a subtle design & avoiding bigger flowers for a classier effect.

A Bar Cabinet for the Greeter in You

We all just love to host your guests with utmost care. Just imagine you bring that vintage wine from a classy bar-cabinet, the scenario definitely stresses upon bringing wine from a well-crafted bar-cabinet. At times we are oblivious towards the need to store & serve drinks in an appropriate manner. Serving drinks to guests is a significant ritual performed in most living spaces. This fact bring up the requirement of placing the bar items in a presentable & organized manner. We suggest you should have a wall dedicated to placing a finely designed bar in your living room. Again the design can be of your choice, contemporary or a traditional.

A Green Wave for Freshness

Trust us, plants & greenery in every corner of your home will just blend & accentuate the décor at the same time. Along with having health benefits, they also work as natural charmers. You should have plants in abundance in your living room. Keeping optimum green in living space will do wonders in the room décor with little efforts. As suggested in the picture, you can place them on a cabinet & use like a showpiece. In case the space in living room permits, place those big plants with lush green leaves & use them as a corner décor item of the room. The best would be a bonsai with little flowers to grant unmatched freshness in the environment of the room.

A Stylish Clock for Happy Hours

When we are discussing & listing down ideas & tips to decorate the living room, a wall clock certainly needs a mention. Though here we are suggesting some futuristic trends to elevate the room décor, clocks have historically helped interior decorators to serve the purpose. Please refrain from selecting those clumsy & ordinary wall-clocks. Think out of the box & bring home a clock which will bring a facelift for your ordinary wall. You may choose a vintage designer clock & also a digital clock which help your room to appear smarter. Make sure the shade & colour of the clock is in contrast to the wall for making it a highlight of that space.

A Wing Chair to Fly

Most people usually settle for a sofa-set in the living room. We recommend you place a classy wing-chair or a lounge chair in such a manner in the room that it becomes the most alluring spot to be for anyone around. Be utmost innovative with the colour & design of the chair & place it exclusively. An exclusively placed wing chair will surely be a validation of your décor acumen & classy approach. Use a chair with bright sunny colours, which will surely uplift your mood just by the sight of it. In case of functionality, you can imagine yourself reading that favourite novel of yours on such a cosy & comfortable chair with a cup of hot coffee.

As the name suggests, Living room is where we live our family & social life. This is the spot where we meet & greet to spend some quality time. The décor specifically in the living room has to be cosy & trendy at the same time. You can own any of these décor items by using your urban ladder coupons & give a face-lift to your room. So, bring a fresh look for the heart of your home & chill with your own people.

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