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London Books : Top 10 Story Books Shop In London

Top 10 Story Books Shop In London    Books always considered as the best friends to humans, they never complain nor ever demand yet just give. Personally what I found that there is no better way to spend time. Browsing over the internet can be quite entertaining, but still, books have their own charm and importance

Top 10 Story Books Shop In London   

Books always considered as the best friends to humans, they never complain nor ever demand yet just give. Personally what I found that there is no better way to spend time. Browsing over the internet can be quite entertaining, but still, books have their own charm and importance.

When the world is all getting advanced, and you can easily surf about anything over the internet, some people love to read books and still love to spend a lot of time whenever they get in libraries apart from the digital world of reading.

As to get relax you can hold your weekends in great book stores and libraries in London. This advanced city still contains many public bookshelves and libraries that hold an impressive collection of interesting books, and other knowledgable printed medium to explore. Apart from digital retailers, extensive yet independent book stores and sellers in London will help get you quirky solutions for books.

If you are also looking for something, read to read on specified niches or topics that you can get the beautiful experience of reading with our listed Best Book Shops In London. The whole of London is headed with lovely bookstores and libraries to get you maximum of literary stuff.

Top Ten Story Bookshops In London:

Below I have rounded up with Top Book Heavens in London that can help you as well to unlock the doors of knowledge with your reading and exploring habits.

1. Daunt Books, Marylebone; London:

This wonderful Edwardian building book store is one of the most famous travel book shop favorite in the city. Its lovely vintage design with three kevel back rooms finished with oak balconies, viridian green walls, ceilings with the extensive collection of books in rows and piles can make you fall in love with your literary hobby more. Here you can find a complete book solution in an organized manner with guide books, storybooks, novels, maps.

Even language references, books on historical and political niches, or other categories are also found. Travelogue is however too popular but keeping them aside you can also scroll up for various genres as well. Fiction books, biography, home and decor magazines, etc. are some more arranged types of books found here at Daunt Books in London.


2. John Sandoe Books, King's Road; London:

Well, John Sandoe has its own history of being one of the popular. It was founded in the year 1957 by John Sandoe, and today its legacy is an independent Bookstore in London. This book store is a blend of the new and classic collection of books. John Sandoe is the safest place to get maximum of knowledge.

This glorious book stock store at King's Road holds different sections for children's as well as the basement and other areas with shelves dedicated to art, photography, literature, architecture, history and more. This is the right place where you can spend hours encircled with books.


3. Hatchards, Piccadilly; London:

Hatchards is one of the classic and old book stores that will take back to 1797. It's the city's one of the prestigious book shop ambiances with extensive stock and shelves of books in each category with numerous languages. Hatchards is an old school open door library which is a native of more them 1000,000 rare editions and books.

The place is also bestowed with professional and knowledgable staff to serve readers and customers significantly.


4. Gay's The Word:

This bookish place in the city is purely devoted LGBT+bookstore in the whole of the country at Marchmount Street with the massive collection of queer stories, theory, literature, under numerous title and niches like sex, relationship, parenting, children, gardening, home decor, biography, fiction, etc. What makes this book store stand out is that it is only dedicated to gay and lesbian, founded in 1979. However, it came across with some financial struggles in 2007.

Later in the same year, opened a shelf sponsorship programme known as Cash For Hours to get support its loyal customers like Sarah Waters, Ali Smith, and Simon Callow. This  book store in London also organize a weekly lesbian and monthly trans discussion groups as well.


5. Persephone Books:   

This book shop is entirely so different from other book stores in the city have a unique tendency of reprinting and republishing the long-forgotten novel and books. It helps golden interwar writers to get a new highlight and especially the neglected women writers. The beautiful recreations of older yet golden books with modern shades, wallpapers, etc. remark the importance of books with fascinating reading experiences.

The most popular republished books by Persephone Book store are by Penelope Mortimer, Katherine Mansfield, and Virginia Woolf. Even Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (1938) by Winifred Watson is making Persephone bestseller which eventually hit the trade of the store in the year 2001.


6. Libreria:

Reading needs concentration and libraries, and book shops should always have a sign of silence, so Libreria is a place where carrying a gadget is prohibited. This is what I feel more logical, as such digital world of pages is banned in the printed sphere of books.

Libreria is a Tech-Free bookshop where you can easily read up the disclaimer saying, 'our shop is designed as an antidote for the technological age.' Libreria was founded by Rohan Silva with the unique idea of tech banning in the bookshop premises by David Cameron.

The place is all designed with never-ending bookshelves with the mirrored ceiling which gives the shop's beautiful mirror image. The reading place available in the book store is all inspired by the old printing press that gives readers a company of massive books with a more relaxing environment.

This place to explore is worth more and is somehow give you a moment to think as if you are on the new planet of books.


7. Word On The Water:

To talk about this thoughtful design of book store is always too less. This is one of beautiful and funky addition that attract readers. The word on the water is basically a Dutch barge of the 1920s which is now being transformed as a floating bookshop at Granary Square in King's Cross; London. Here you can not only enjoy reading and buying books but also can taste up London's street food with occasional live Jazz performances. Word On The Water holds a wide range of new and second-hand bargain books.

The commonly found books here are on niches like politics, art, feminism, technology. The places in dramatically design to comfort  your  reading habits with other nearby entertaining activities. Poetry Slams are even the part of entertain and explore that tempt passionate book worm here together.

8. The London Review Bookshop, Bloomsbury; London:  

If you want to explore this new kind of bookshop in London, then it is all located in the heart of Bloomsbury. The London Review Bookshop was opened in the year 2003 by Evie Wyld, author, and founder of the Peckham Literary Festival.

The small shop is now being an important place for people who love books and want to guzzle more knowledge. Here you can giggle and meet new people, have healthy talks, even can enjoy delicious cake, brownies, tea and coffee and obviously can surf a lot of books to read.


9. Lutyens And Rubinstein, Kensington Park Road; London:   

This magnificent literary world was founded by two book worms souls Sarah Lutyens and Felicity Rubinstein with an exceptional collection of books in various genres and niches. This pleasurable place attracts book lovers far across to visit the store. The store is all stocked with fiction and non-fiction editions of books and other literary prints.

Lutyens  and Rubinstein's bookshop is also known for keeping the best collective section of children's books, art books, poetry with thousands of special editions as well. This bookshop is also heritage with own branded canvas bags, homemade jams and marmalades, designer stationery items, paperweights, cards and more.

Lutyens  And Rubinstein is an ideal one shop store for books and stationary stuff together.


10. Hurlingham Books, Fulham; London:

Well, the story of the store claims that it is the oldest independent bookshop in the whole of South West London. The Hurlingham Books is owned by a book lover Ray Cole who open this area with great collection and edition of books in the year 1968. Here you can find millions of books of your interest as a friend of life.

The shelves of the store are massively occupied from left to right with various books on numerous categories, niches and topics like fiction, art, photography, children, odd yet nutshell  goldies collection and more. The punctuality on regular days is fixed at 9 am but on weekends a little late. This place is worth exploring bookshop in London that won't ever disappoint you to make books are your besties forever.



Final Verdict:

Turning of pages is still more exciting and interesting than browsing over the internet in London. As there is so much explore in the city, but stalk shelves of  bookshops will luckily surprise you in many means. Coming close to the digital age in London doesn't mean that reading books is lost somewhere. Many people in the city heart celebrate the habit of reading by exploring these many extraordinary libraries with a massive collection of books.


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