Lose weight with a bowl of cereal

is cereal diet really losing the weight as mentioned on the cereal boxes? when getting the cereal read all instruction on the boxes of cereal

Obesity is a common problem among people. It affects the people of every age. There are many factors which contribute to it, such as carbohydrates rich diet, poor lift style, due to illness and medication and hereditary. Whatever is the cause of obesity, you are the one who can reduce the weight. By sitting on the couch and cursing, your eight is nothing to do with the weight loss. Weight loss is a long journey, and you have to be determined and focused. Whatever method you will choose for losing weight determination is the key. There are many methods like yoga, exercise, aerobics, Zumba, and whatnot. Along with these physical training, you have to focus on your diet. Is your diet balanced? There are many diets means by which you can reduce the weight such as cereal diet which need only cereal boxes and your determination,
As a cereal diet is considered as the most straightforward and secure method of reducing the wait. When you visit market makes sure to read the nutritional values printed on the cereal packaging boxes. By this, you can calculate your daily calories level. When dieting, you have to maintain the calories level so that your body gets enough energy to perform the normal function. Is these cereal diets reduce weight let find out?

Cereal Diet

If you are planning to start this diet, then first you need to study about it and here is all the information that you require for this diet plan. In this diet, you suppose to replace your two meals with the milk and cereal. This diet plan is not new, but recently it has gain popularity, and everyone is after without understanding the diet. The cereal, as we all know, is high in whole grain and fiber. It is effective for short-term weight loss. It will not offer you long term weight loss. When you visit the market for cereal, pick these which has mentioned the high fiber on the cereal boxes. By reading the article, it will be easy for you to opt this method of cereal diet or not.

Special K Challenges

The famous Kellogg's cereal has been marketed the cereal as healthy food. They claim that they can reduce your weight. Their cereal boxes also had some instruction for the two-week diet plans. So, it is the Kellogg’s cereal which gives popularity to eh cereal diet, and they marketed it as the "Special K Challenges. However, this company no more promote the cereal diet challenge.
In this, you use cereal and skimmed milk. And take cereal on breakfast and lunch. Company has printed it on boxes of cereal to make small and low calories dinner. You can consume lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
Other diet challenges encourage to consume cereal only for a week. But nutritionists do not recommend these challenges as they are low in protein and calories that cause mood alterations, decreased focus, and fatigue.

How To follow cereal diet?

All you need is to replace both lunch and breakfast with a single serving of low -fat or skimmed milk (9120-180ml) and cereal. When buying that cereal do not forget to read the ingredient on the cereal. Buy the one which has low sugar and high fibers like corn flakes, special K.
For dinner, go for the food which is rich with whole grains, vegetables and fruits, also low calories and fat. In short, you need to consume 450 or fewer calories for dinner.
Here some idea, you can consume the grilled chicken salads. It must have vegetables and fruit in it. Or you can have brown rice with salmon and vegetables.

Does it lose weight?
Yes, you lose weight on this cereal diet. It is working on the mechanism of low calories. As you are consuming a small number of calories, then your body needed. In return, your body starts absorbing the store fats. This reduction in fats adds to weight loss. But the drawback is that it is for the short term. As soon as you get back on your normal calories’ intake, you start gaining weight. You can follow this diet to refresh your body system as it also affects your body metabolism.

Other Benefits

Other than help in weight reduction, this diet is rich with grain and fiber. Both of them are linked to health outcomes. It can regulate your gastrointestinal system and prevent you from any GIT diseases.
It is useful to add cereal in your daily routine as it has several advantages, but you have to follow the balanced diet. The healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are the keys to weight reduction. Next, whenever visit the store get the cereal boxes to add it in your diet as they are a rich source of fibers and grain.


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