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Major Topics for UPSC 2021

Every year the UPSC or Union Public Service Examination takes place in our country. As a result, lakhs of potential aspirants took part in this tough competition with great struggle. However, only the lucky few excel in this examination with flying colors. Therefore, it is one of the popular public examinations that are held nationwide. It is considered as a competitive exam where budding minds take part passionately. This examination has been conducted every year for ages and only the potential one reaches the ladder of success. Furthermore, due to the current pandemic situation, Online IAS Coaching has been conducted by numerous reputed educational organizations.  


Preparation for 2021

Aspirants who are interested to take part in the 2021 UPSC examination now is the time for your smart preparation. It has been announced that the coming UPSC Examination will be held on 29th June 2021. Therefore, if you are planning to attempt for this UPSC Exam then start your preparation now. Along with this, you need to be aware of the important topics for the UPSC prelims and mains. However, there are several important topics one needs to follow to clear the examination.

The examination comprises three stages prelims, mains, and lastly the interview. Each stage comprises different topics to clear through the examination. Meanwhile, you need to be aware of each topic thoroughly before starting your study. The examination also comprises a personality test at the end. To sum up, we can say each topic for each stage differs from one another to a great extent.

Important Topics for Civil Service Examination Prelims and Mains

The first question that comes to the mind of an aspirant is what are the primary topics for the UPSC Examination. How to cover the important topics during the preparation? Which topic is important? These are the various questions that haunt the mind of a potential aspirant during the preparation.

Therefore, today we have highlighted and talked about a few important topics that might help the aspirants to begin their journey.


  • Ancient History

When we talk about the subject history it reminds us of its enormous syllabus. It reminds us how vast it could be to hit the primary points. However, history involves different sections based on Hinduism, Buddhism, Jain, and various others. It also denotes the social impact our country has gone through in history.

The various dynasty histories talk about such as Maurya, Gupta, Nanda, Kanva, and various others.


  • Polity

One of the important topics to be covered for UPSC preparation is the political scenario. This involves the current affairs of our country, Judiciary sector, Parliamentary sector, Social impacts, Fundamental rights and regulation, Constitutional background, and various others.


  • Economy

The economy of our country is an important topic to be covered for the UPSC preparation. As we all know the economy of our country is enormous with various vital points to be considered. Our economy is largely based on the inflation sector, current bills, Indian economic growth, GDP, unemployment graph, and much more. However, as a UPSC aspirant one needs to be aware of both national and global economic status.



Geography is an important topic to be covered during the preparation. One needs to study the solar system, global weather pattern, climatic changes, the role of seasonal changes, the revolution in the atmospheric layer, the role of water bodies, agricultural growth of India, and various others.


Final Words

To be precise, UPSC candidates need to be focused, smart, and unique to prepare themselves for the UPSC Examination. Hence, candidates must be updated and aware of the current scenario or happenings of the world. This is just the beginning to make your UPSC journey successful with compassion.
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